Our LED Wall Looks Good In Packer Colors

Albrecht Acres, a recreational camp for people with special needs, first approached Wired Production Group in 2013 to create an emotional video highlighting the story of the camp and the lives it has touched. After a successful collaboration with their team on that project, we were hired to consult on the production of the “Green Bay Packer Tailgate Tour,” a pre-season tour that benefits a local charity for which the camp was chosen. For the celebrities in attendance and their fans, Wired Production Group created a custom LED wall, and produced the A/V for the show, for an audience of thousands.

It’s always nice to receive positive feedback from clients after their events — that is why we are in the business after all.  But we LOVE when they go public with their praise. On behalf of our client, we executed the first-ever Green Bay Packers Tour Tailgate party in Iowa. It was an absolute pleasure to work with an amazing organization such as Albrecht Acres.

Maybe it’s because we work for one of the biggest Packers’ fans in the area, or because we were working with a favorite piece of our LED collection and utilizing it as a backdrop to the stage, but either way — we loved being part of the event, too!

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