Summer Fun: Concert Date or Movie Night?

Summer is one of our favorite seasons here. Summer usually means bringing out our LED walls to everything from movie nights to concerts, and who doesn’t love a good ol’ rock n’ roll show?! And with this weekend boasting big line-up’s for three nights at America’s River Festival, we’re already packing our bags/trailers/LED walls/cameras.

With the sun staying out later, events now require a technology that can deliver breathtaking results whether it’s 10am, 6pm or midnight. Events like America’s River Festival, filling up this weekend’s agenda in Dubuque, will be able to present Morgan Frazier at 2:30pm with the same color and intensity as Lynyrd Skynyrd at 9:30pm.

While being in the pits of a rock show, filming classic bands and watching it live on the screens, is definitely a thrill, watching Disney’s Up with your hand in a bag of popcorn and surrounded by giggling children can be equally as satisfying.¬†¬†Whatever your summer party plans call for, consider your audience, timing, and the quality of outcome you are looking for. Chances are at the end of the day, you want something picturesque like this for your memory book.

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