Recap: Invest In She

One of the benefits of our jobs is the variety of events we execute on a weekly basis, and the cool things we get to see. A favorite on the list from last week was Invest In She. Maybe it’s the entrepreneurial spirit similar to what sparked Rausch Productions conception, or the funding and flourishing of current and female business owners, either way we were proud to be part of Invest in She.

Held at The Kirkwood Center on June 11th, the main ballroom was filled with guests primed and ready to watch six women-owned businesses launch their ventures for further funding. Burst Cycle brought the studio to the judges, Adore Your Walls gave us options to be more stylish than we are, and UpCraft Club is taking our DIY fails to a successful level through online education. Among the other presenters were Take the Cake Cupcakes/Ashton Hill Farm & Vineyards, Flaggers National Traffic Control Systems, and Kittd. The best part of our job? You may be surprised to hear it’s the collecting of content pre-show. It’s the behind-the-scenes, sneak peek into what several hundred people will watch from their seats. Well that, and the thrill of supporting those on stage who have a limited time to pitch to “the sharks” and doing whatever we can from the tech table to help them swim.

You can find other reports on the event here and here.

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