“That’s My Jam!”

Sometimes you just need a good playlist to complete the experience. Sometimes you need that person to exclaim, “That’s my jam!” Let’s be honest: a silent room of people trying to enjoy themselves is awkward.

Custom audio is one of the best parts of what we do. Our client account managers and audio engineers work with our clients to create the full audio experience at their events, including corporate events, live concert productions, fashion shows, trade shows, private events, and more. Many times that includes ways to fully utilize the audio production equipment we are providing. We can provide you with custom playlists for different parts of your event, you can choose “walk up” songs for each presenter entering the stage, or simply queued playlist of favorite songs that would set the mood. Our audio production team is always willing and able to provide a custom audio experience for our clients. You want music — we’ve always got music ready to go for you.

Here is the playlist we created recently – pretend you are at a chill casual party in a warehouse, or working in your office on a rainy day.  Enjoy!

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