On the 9th day of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas, Rausch gave to me… a 9 month old shop dog, Ellie D.
8 A.M. powwows,
7 heavy haulers,
6 collaboration stations,
5 caffeine cookers,
4 production artists,
3 LED walls,
2 new conference rooms,
and a video camera in a home office!

When Ron told us he bought a shop dog, we thought “Why not?! We are building a new building, you are having a baby, we are expanding staff and maintaining our workload, and now we get to add a puppy to the mix!” But there is no better greeting in the morning than an overly excited puppy awaiting your arrival. And meetings take on a comedic tone when Ron is delivering serious business messages and she is doing anything she can to get his attention. Ellie takes the “home away from home” environment here to a warm, fuzzy, muddy-paw-print level.

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