On the 12th day of Christmas…

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Rausch gave to me… 12 months of fun,
11 Rausch employees,
10 worked-in countries,
9 month old shop dog,
8 A.M. pow-wows,
7 heavy haulers,
6 collaboration stations,
5 caffeine cookeeeerrrrrrs!
4 production artists,
3 LED walls,
2 new conference rooms,
and a video camera in a home office!

It’s been a truly amazing year, and 2016 is looking even brighter. After 12 months of fun, it’s always amazing how our team immediately refreshes and jumps into another 12 months of crazy schedules again. It’s like visiting relatives at the holidays: a colorful, loud flurry of activity and excitement, then stress, laughs, and sharing food, and when the car doors shut to leave, everyone is wiped out, breathing a sigh of relief and saying “well, that was nice, let’s do it again next year.”

To all of our family, friends and clients – enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!  We’ll see you in 2016.

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