A Warm, Wired Welcome

Recently we updated you all on the physical merger and move in, but we’ve got even more big news! We’d like to introduce three new employees to our team, who all joined us in April.

Amanda – Client Account Manager

Coming to us from State Farm, Amanda is incredibly detail oriented and is already working to improve efficiency. She always brings a positive attitude (and more baked goods than we care to admit to eating) with her to work. As a mom of two, Amanda has a personal goal of taking her kiddos to all 50 states, and even has a detailed plan that maps out all of their trips for the next few years! Make sure you ask her about where she’s been when you meet her.

Bruce – Client Account Manager

Bruce came over to us as the former ministry coordinator of the First Assembly of God church and he’s got a wealth of audio/visual knowledge to bring to his new role with us. He’s got a can-do attitude and an affinity for fine cooking and heĀ even plays the upright bass! We are always so excited to learn about all of the hidden talents and interests of our employees and Bruce has definitely got a lot of them (despite his modesty). If you’re ever in a bad mood, Bruce will be there to help pick you up.

Jesse – Lighting Designer

Jesse started in production by volunteering in tech at the church he attended growing up. He continued from there to eventually get a job there doing lighting and sound. His main focus became lighting and eventually led to overseeing lighting over several campuses in the Quad Cities. He had rented lights from 16th while working for the campuses and grew up with Ian in Moline, who had always bugged him about applying for a lighting position. He finally gave in and that’s how he ended up here! When he’s not at work you can find him camping or kayaking (or both!).

Thank you for helping us welcome these new members to our team! They are already off to a rocking and rolling start and we’re looking forward to seeing how they grow with us. If you ever have any questions about our company or want to learn more, please head to our website, www.rauschproductions.com or give us a call!

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