Employee Highlight Reel | July 2018 | Aharon Moody

What Does a Stage Lighting Professional Do to Make Live Events a Success? Ask Aharon Moody from Wired Production Group


Aharon Moody has been a big part of the Wired Production Group family since his first day in 2014. With two guys in the shop with the same name, we just called Aharon by his last name, Moody. Creative, talented, dedicated and wicked brilliant are just a few words that describe Moody…but sometimes the name fits, too.

With his college studies in theatre design and production at the University of Northern Iowa, Nate Hines hired Moody knowing that he was going to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our growing AV production team. Moody was a part of many different theater productions during his time as a University of Northern Iowa Panther, including “Spring Awakening” and “The American Way of Eating.” He was the student supervisor at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center during his senior year at UNI and started his career with our event production company shortly after graduation.

His focus when he originally came aboard our team was stage lighting design, but it’s safe to say that his skillset is insane and we definitely use all of his skills. We consider him the technical specialist around the shop because he is dedicated to developing our clients’ CAD layouts, studying rigging plots, lighting system controllers, building electrical functions that handle the power we need, AV services and every other tiny technical detail that comes to be along the way. He has more knowledge to be able to troubleshoot audio visual equipment than we know what to do with. He consistently expects the best from the audio visual production equipment and people, and he goes above and beyond to ensure that our live events are truly the best for our clients and the attendee experience.

Moody is always willing to lend a hand — even on short notice. It’s his favorite thing to walk into the office at 8AM and have the entire staff ask him why our internet is wonky (okay, maybe not his favorite thing, but he always fixes it in no time!). We haven’t even mentioned yet that he’s licensed to drive any of our trucks anywhere, so we consider him an expert on our trucks and travel, too.

When Moody isn’t setting up our mobile stage or working our concert productions, you can probably find him with his wife, Hannah, and their young son, Andrew. Andrew is Moody’s “mini-me” and we love having him visit the office. We’ll bet he grows up to be just like his insanely smart dad!

At the end of the day, we could never tell Moody how much we appreciate him. Maybe because he wouldn’t listen to our compliments, but it would really be because there are no words to tell him thank you enough for everything he does for our team. Cheers to you, Aharon Moody!

Here’s what others on our team have to say about Aharon Moody…

“A clever and innovative designer. One of the smartest people I know.” – Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

“I’ve known and worked with Aharon since he first started with 16th Avenue Music back in 2014. He is insanely smart. He is my ‘go to’ for all things computer, electrical or when I need someone tall enough! He has been known to design the show, drive the gear to the show, set up the show, work the show, tear down the show and drive it all back. It is safe to say that he wears many hats. When he has spare time and is not with his family, you will find him enjoying an afternoon matinee with some of the other techs. Although he acquired his last name as his nickname, we love him and appreciate all he does!” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“‘That will never work.” – Aharon Moody, numerous occasions” – Lance Lineburg, Audio Engineer

“Our very own in-house Cliff Clavin!  Moody knows more about everything than anybody! A brilliant guy and a good friend. Always the first guy to go to when you need input and/or a solution. Exceptional work ethic, Moody always brings his ‘A’ game and has an amazing t-shirt collection.” – Billy Peifer, Operations Manager

“A part from being the most aptly named human I’ve ever met, Moody is a jack-of-all-trades, but also master of many. His contributions to Wired Production Group are innumerable and he may wear more hats than anyone else in the company: electrician, lighting tech, rigging and CAD expert, repair wiz and general idea generator — just off the top of my head. His desire for our productions to be safe and correct ends up being one of his strongest suits while his wealth of knowledge is a constant benefit to those around him.”  – Aaron Wells, COO

“He wears a lot of hats at the shop. He is ‘The Macgyver’ of the bunch. He can practically fix anything or put something back together with a paperclip and a rubber band. Safety is a main priority for him and that’s what I appreciate the most from him.” – Mike Mennen, Sr. Production Manager

“Aharon is a jack of all trades. When it comes to building roofs, lighting, repair, IT, and driving the big rigs — he can do it all. His work ethic is strong and has a ‘get it done’ attitude. Safety is always top of mind with Aharon. When given a challenge, he never shies away. He hits it head on and comes up with a solution to the problem. I know I can count on him to get it done on time and with precision. I am happy to have him as an integral part of our team.” – Ron Rausch, CEO

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