Employee Highlight Reel | April 2019 | Amanda Pierce

What It Takes To Be A Client Account Manager: Ask The Professionals

In the video and live event production industry, communication between clients and the production company is critical to the success of the live event or video production project. To ensure communication is clear and every detail is planned to perfection, it is best to have an event manager or client account manager who knows the ins and outs on every level and has the experience to handle all the questions that may come up during the planning process.

At Wired Production Group, we have an event management team that includes two dedicated client account managers. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of them, Amanda Pierce (soon-to-be Amanda Snyder!). In April 2017, Amanda joined our team after many years in the insurance industry. Amanda’s incredible ability to handle the most minute details, answer all of our clients’ questions and requests, and her compassion for others allows her to be the best asset for our clients in their event planning process. Though AV services are just one part of what clients might need at their event, everyone needs an Amanda on their team.

Amanda is sensible, reliable, and sincere. These traits allow her to be the “show mom” for our crew behind the scenes. As an account manager, she is inventive, resourceful, and passionate, and she is dedicated to nothing but success for our clients’ events and video productions. There is rarely a detail that slips past her (if ever!). If something is not as perfect as the client envisioned it, Amanda will do everything in her power to ensure that it is adjusted to reflect the precise design her client imagined. If perfection is possible, Amanda will make it happen.

Amanda’s amiable attitude is not limited to the workplace. When Amanda is not at work, you can find her surrounded by her family and friends — either at home or on a travel adventure. She enjoys hosting fun events with her fiance, Jesse, in their house that is perfect for entertaining friends and family. Outside of the local area, Amanda is focused on taking her daughter, Addison, and son, Reese, on vacations to experience each of the 50 states in the US before they graduate high school…and even her family vacations are well-planned out! Those kids are definitely getting the most out of their travel adventures. Amanda and her fiance have their honeymoon planned for Barbados. Talk about fun in the sun! Their wedding is coming up in just a few days (April 27th to be exact!), and we wish them the absolute best in their future together.

We could get more detailed about how much we appreciate Amanda, but we’ll leave the details to her! Thanks for all you do to make our clients happy and to keep our team working together every day.

Here’s What Others Have To Say About Amanda Pierce…

“Amanda’s always on top of things – she has great attention to detail and a knack for ‘directing traffic’. She’s assertive, but not pushy. You can be sure things that need to happen will get done.” – Eric Freese, Sr. Editor & Videographer

“Amanda has the energy of a hummingbird, the fight of a bulldog and the heart of a blue whale (that’s like the size of a VW Bug), but the steadfastness of a carpenter ant, the sensibilities of a owl, the pre-planning of a brain surgeon, the watchful eye of a doberman, but the eagle eye of a hawk.  She has the hands of a carpenter, the will of a lion, the high arches of a Kenyan marathoner, and the thoughtfulness of a mother hen, but the fire of a NYC cab driver. She’s great to have around.” – Josh Busche, Director of Photography / Creative Producer

“Amazing attention to detail — nothing slips by her.” – Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

“If you want something done and done right, Amanda is the ‘go-to’ person. She is 500% dedicated to ensuring our clients are happy and their shows exceed their expectations. She takes such good care of our crew. She is definitely the ‘show mom’ of the company.” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“Amanda truly loves her job. You can tell it by her attention to detail and by how much she tries to make sure every client has the best show possible. She’s a great asset to the team and makes fantastic baked goods.” – Jesse Snyder, Lighting Designer

“Amanda is always fun to work with. She does a great job making sure we’re taken care of out on the road.” – Lance Lineburg, Audio Engineer

“Out of town shows don’t feel right without starting the day enjoying breakfast with Amanda and Jesse. Amanda likes things done a certain way…the right way. She’s all right.” – Clayton Walters, Production Specialist Engineer

“Amanda is like my smart sister at work. She’s smiley all the time and she takes good care of our clients. She is an awesome mom. She takes care of us work kids all day, then goes home and is great with her real kids.”  – Bandi Arp, Truck Driver / Warehouse Associate

“Our company firecracker! Smart, engaging and focused. A great team player that seems to thoroughly enjoy her job!” – Billy Peifer, Operations Manager

“Amanda makes me smile! She is a great asset to our WPG family. As part of the sales team, she has proven to form many relationships with our clients. She likes things in tip-top shape, which makes her good at what she does! She takes great care of the crew at shows. I also like to mess things up in the kitchen so she has something to do.” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“Amanda has been a great asset to Wired Production Group! She joined us a couple of years ago, hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. Amanda is very passionate about our clients and goes out of her way to exceed expectations. Thanks for doing what you do every day making us a leader in our industry.” – Doug Netolicky, VP of Business Development

“When Amanda joined the WPG team as an account manager, the duties of the position hadn’t been perfectly carved out. As Amanda has grown with the company, she’s been able to adapt to our changing needs as it relates to her role and has been instrumental in defining that space within our company. Amanda’s character manifests in her detail-oriented approach to working with clients and coworkers alike and her commitment to making sure every show exemplifies our core values and excellent service. Amanda plays a crucial role at WPG, and I’m grateful for her hard work.” – Aaron Wells, COO

“As one of our account managers, Amanda is tasked with bridging the gaps between our techs and our clients, which is not always easy. She has the ability to communicate the client’s needs with our technical staff to make all of our productions come together seamlessly. She is so organized that even the snacks in the kitchen have their place. Our clients love to work with her because she is so responsive and knowledgeable. She has helped bring our customer experience to a new level and we are happy to have her on the team.” – Ron Rausch, President / CEO


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