Employee Highlight Reel | August 2019 | Will Kisner

Ask The Professionals: What Does It Take to Be A Production Specialist Engineer? 

At Wired Production Group, our video production team includes four of the best production specialist engineers in the area. In the field or in the shop, these guys do impressive things behind the scenes to make our live events and video displays come to life. 

Production specialist engineers are dedicated to all things video. From building LED video walls to running a handheld camera at an outdoor festival to operating the robocams at a concert to managing the switcher at a corporate conference, the skill-set of a production specialist engineer is broad to ensure that customers’ event needs are met from various production angles. With their professional video experience, they can make magic happen at all types of events. Production specialist engineers know what it takes to make events look really good on any type of screen. 

Today, we’d like to share more about our production specialist engineer, Will Kisner. 

As one of the newest to our video production crew, Will joined our company in 2018. Before joining our crazy crew, Will had many years’ experience in the video production world. His roles varied from assistant director to camera operator to actually acting in the films he was a part of! Some of Will’s projects include music videos for artists in the Chicago area, The Summerland Project (2015) and a wide variety of corporate and private events between Chicago and Cedar Rapids. 

Outside of the shop, you’ll find Will smashing pizza and gaming with friends. He is partial to Zombicide, Xcom, Arkham Horror, and he also has fun playing other collaborative board games. He’s constantly fidgeting with gadgets, and he usually finds new “toys” to bring to work to improve our events. He is also very involved in his family’s business, Sweet Point Setters, a hunting web series featuring their family dogs. Will leads their digital marketing and video production. He has one dog of his own, Darby the English Setter. 

If you see Will on a show or in the shop, be sure to say, “Hi!” He’s cool, he’s kind, and he’s always good for a laugh. Thanks for all you do, Will. 

Here’s what others have to say about Will Kisner… 

“Great problem solver; strong video tech with good customer skills.” – Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

“Will is no maid service he does Windows. He tames that wild OS, wrestling it into submission so it purrs like a kitten for the rest of us.” – Eric Freese, Sr. Editor / Videographer

“Quick with a compliment, joke or a hug. Thanks for the laughs, buddy!” – Clayton Walters, Production Specialist Engineer

“Dearest William, You are like the little brother that I wish our mom would have given back. It’s not a complete work day without hearing about the one time you went to Medieval Times. I’m certainly glad to have you in the trenches with us. Love, your favorite brother, Marcus.” – Marcus Soukup, Production Specialist Engineer

“I always need another problem-solver in my corner. Will is good for that. He’s very computer-savvy, so I rely on him a lot for troubleshooting technology, too. His techy skills come in handy!” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“Will is the kind of guy that wears 37 pieces of flair when he’s only required to wear 15.  And I mean that in the best possible way.” – Josh Busche, Director of Photography & Creative Producer

“He’s our IT wizard when he’s not busy working on the video crew!” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“In another life, Will Kisner would have made a great radio personality. He’s quippy and jovial at all times and possesses a talent for growing a really nice mustache. At work, he’s found a place as our resident PC expert and has expressed a high level of interest in operating and improving our webcasting abilities. Will is very easy going and is always willing to help out wherever needed. Thanks, Will, for all that you do for WPG.” – Aaron Wells, COO

“Will joined our video team just over a year ago. Whether he is building a video wall, setting up a show, or directing an event, he approaches each event calm, cool, and collected. We are lucky because he also brought with him a variety of computer skills. He is always willing to stop what he’s doing to help fix a technical problem and assist in any way to make our clients happy. We enjoy having him as part of our team.” – Ron Rausch, CEO

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