St. Patrick’s Day Concert is On, Local Celtic Band Performs Live Tonight on Facebook


March 17, 2020

Contact: Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

(319) 294-9410

LINN COUNTY – On Tuesday, March 17th, Wired Production Group will be hosting a live St. Patrick’s Day concert of local celtic band, Wylde Nept, at 8:00pm on Facebook Live. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local officials have asked restaurants and bar owners in Cedar Rapids to shut down on St. Patrick’s Day. With this shutdown, many local bands have cancelled their shows and supporters are planning to stay-in on the day of Irish celebration. 

In Linn County alone, more than 60 bars and restaurants have closed to heed the warning to practice social distancing, avoiding crowds, and prevent community spread of COVID-19. To produce this event and still meet public health and safety recommendations, Wired Production Group is able to offer a studio space as well as robotic cameras, distanced audio staff, pre-programmed lighting design, and ample space for the small number of musicians. 

“We are fully aware and receptive of the requirements by our government and public health officials,” said Wired Production Group President and CEO, Ron Rausch. “We are working to make sure that our community is not lost in this pandemic. Our community is our strength. They count on live music and small business collaboration. That’s exactly what we’re able to provide them with this live streaming event tonight.”

Join Wylde Nept live on Facebook tonight with the show starting at 8:00pm CST. Visit to follow the show. 

St. Patrick's Day Concert by Wired Production Group and Wylde Nept


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UPDATE 3/18/2020

In case you missed it, here is the video of the St. Patrick’s Day concert by Wylde Nept in the Wired Production Group studio that was produced by Eric Freese, Clayton Walters, Robert Silver, and Bandi Arp. With almost 15,000 views in 12 hours, Wired Production Group and Wylde Nept are proud to say that our St. Patrick’s Day live stream was an incredible success. Thank you to everyone who celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with us on Facebook Live and YouTube!

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