Video Professionals: Learn What It Takes To Be a Production Specialist Engineer

At Wired Production Group, we are known to build experiences from start to finish for concerts, festivals, fashion shows, conferences, non-profit events, corporate meetings, and more for our clients from all across the world. Our staff has a strong understanding of the live video and event industry with an incredible ability to focus on every detail that makes our productions so successful. On our video production team, we have six dedicated professionals, including our newest member of the team, Steven James.

Once upon a time in the magical land of Iowa, Steven joined our Wired Production Group kingdom. While he is new to our crew, he is not new in our lives. Steven has been involved with our company for quite some time as we have been able to use his video production talents as a freelance camera operator as well as voice-over talent. Steven’s video production experience comes from his time working at KCRG TV-9  as well as his time as a photographer and editor at TINT. We knew with his experience that he would have what it takes to make a big impact on our clients’ projects. 

Steven is originally from the Cedar Rapids area and he has built a beautiful life here. In his free time, Steven likes to stay connected with his family, including his two sons who are mini versions of Steven. He is very connected to our community musically. Since the age of 7, Steven has been performing with his accordion (YES! He plays the accordion!). He started playing the piano at a very young age and decided to challenge himself by learning to play the accordion. In his youth, he received awards for his accordion performance. How cool is that! For the last 20 years, he has been performing in a Celtic band called Wylde Nept with his brother, Westan – kilts and all! Steven is engaged to the sequin-studded singer-songwriter, Alisabeth Von Presley. Steven was special enough to be featured in one of Alisabeth’s music videos! Together, they have a cute (and well-dressed!) bulldog named Poptart. In addition to his dog being well-dressed, it’s a fun fact that Steven only owns 4 pairs of shoes, yet somehow has over 60 pairs of socks. (Hint: if you need gift ideas, socks are good for Steven)

According to our co-workers, he is always good for a joke, he drinks a lot of coffee with hazelnut creamer (his favorite!), he has a nice voice, and he walks around a lot (sometimes even singing Disney songs). That’s pretty much Steven in summary. Thanks for being a part of our kingdom, Steven James. 

Here’s what others have to say about Steven James…

“He is amazing to work with AND he plays the accordion … What a guy!” – Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager 

Steven James has been a stellar addition to the team. He’s the rare combination of both fun and hard working.  I mean, that’s all anyone ever wanted in a coworker.” – Josh Busche, Director of Photography & Creative Producer

“I’ve enjoyed getting to work with Steven. His humor always makes me feel better when I’m stressed out. I really appreciate his creative ideas and feedback on projects. He’s truly an asset to our WPG family.” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“Long before he joined Wired, Steven made a huge impact as the narrator of the Collins Story documentaries. It’s easy to assume that just the tone and timbre of his voice elevates the audio quality; however, it’s his skill as a storyteller that really enhances the narrative. And he’s more than THAT VOICE – Steven is an easygoing, conscientious, hard worker who always lends a hand.” – Eric Freese, Sr. Editor & Videographer

“I like his musk.” – Marcus Soukup, Video Production Specialist Engineer

“Steven started with us as a freelancer a while back and hit it off with our techs and our clients. It was only fitting we make him a permanent part of the WPG family when the opportunity presented itself. He is fun to be around and that voice of his is so smooooooth. ” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“Steven is a joy and a half. He is a talented camera operator and all around jack of all video. He’s good for a silly comment to make you smile but knows when it’s time to get professional. He has hidden skills you may not know…he’s a wizard on the accordion, has starred in some music videos and his Barry White speaking voice can melt chocolate.” – Mary Beth Kunz, Production Manager

The best thing about Steven is that he doesn’t have Coronavirus. Even though he’s our newest employee, he immediately fit right in with our team and our company culture. His easy-going demeanor and willingness to learn and adapt has already been a boon for our company. I really enjoy Steven’s measure of positivity and look forward to working with him on many projects in the future.” – Aaron Wells, COO

Steven is an amazing addition to the team. Since joining us at the end of 2019, Steven has brought  a variety of talents into our video world. As a skilled camera operator and with his hard work ethic, we have been able to throw him into the mix on any show and he will get it done. He has an amazing voice that many have heard on our projects. This is a difficult time in our world and I am so grateful to have Steven as part of our family and look forward to doing great things together in the future. Thank you, Steven.” – Ron Rausch, President / CEO