What We Do To Help Our Community

Corporate Responsibility: We’re Doing Our Part

Our team is built on the foundation of Ron Rausch, our President and CEO. Ron is the father to seven children — and our staff adds another couple dozen kiddos to that. With the company being built on Ron’s “family first” attitude, we look out for each other at work and at home. 

Group of individuals holding a red ribbon and cutting with oversized scissors in front of Wired Production Group building

Since Ron launched his company in the early 1990s, Wired Production Group has had hundreds of employees – from part-time and full-time positions to contractual employees – of all races, genders, religions, ages, and personal backgrounds. Our core staff is built of experienced event and video production professionals who work with clients of all types, including schools, non-profits, political parties, corporate conferences, and more. 

We believe all individuals, clients, videos, and events deserve to succeed. It’s our job to stay focused and produce the best videos and events possible.

Wired Goes Green

Whether we’re running a generator to power a small stage setup at a concert or taking our semis across the United States on tour, the total energy consumption to produce events is high. It’s up to AV professionals like us to make the small changes we can to reduce our industry’s impact on the environment. In the past few years, we have made changes to help reduce our carbon footprint and we will continue to make changes to keep our Earth healthy and happy.

Community Programs and Partnership Guidelines

Wired Production Group is dedicated to providing high-quality service to our customers and building strong relationships. We look for opportunities and partnerships between our staff and our community. 

We focus our community efforts on Arts Education and Employment, Veterans and Active Military Assistance, Youth Services, Animal Welfare, Diversity and Safety, and other programs that match our staff’s interest, values, and community involvement. 

    • Arts and Technology Education: As a proud member of the events industry, we support various forms of arts education and employment opportunities across the nation. This includes project-based funding for arts organizations, technology training programs, and especially those in the events industry. 
    • Veterans and Active Military: We support programs that offer services that meet the needs of those who serve or have served in our military – including their families. These services include clothing, household needs, shelter, food and nutrition, and financial resources.
    • Youth Services: Our team also supports after-school activities, academic development, and social, emotional, and mental support to students.  
    • Diversity and Safety: We support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts through people of color, LGBTQ+, women, Veterans, and other underrepresented groups. 
    • Animal Welfare: The treatment that an animal receives determines their future and we are dedicated to supporting programs that provide veterinary care, appropriate shelter, nutrition, humane handling, and disease prevention of our furry animal friends. 

Sponsorships and Donations

Our charitable giving helps improve the quality of life in our community. Below is a list of programs in our area that we have supported and continue to support:

Community Programs and Partnership Guidelines

If you are interested in more information about how to partner with our organization or if you are seeking sponsorship, please contact our Marketing Director, Nicole Schroeder, and include in the message box that you would like to chat with Nicole about sponsorship opportunities.

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