New Techniques

Learning new things is a trend around here, and last week a few of our video gurus dabbled in the art of cinemagraphs. If you aren’t familiar, these are pictures that only have one component in motion where everything else seems to be just a photograph.

Cinemagraphs are considered to be “living” pictures and are becoming popular in today’s evolving social media world. They mix a single, still image and video that is on a continuous loop for an endless time without any visible breaks. They are considered GIF art pieces.

To create a cinemagraph, you must start with a high quality photo. Once you choose the image that you’d like to work with, it’s your choice what aspect of the image is the moving piece. For all the details on how to create your own cinemagraph, check out this video.

Be on the lookout – there’s much more where these came from! #WeAreWired

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