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LED Screens for Events, Conferences, Concerts & More

Big LED screens at any event makes every seat the best seat in the house! Our LED screen video walls literally make every viewing angle a great one. Because our LED screens are customizable, we can personalize our LED video walls based on your venue or event’s needs. Our high-resolution LED display bring amazing video clarity and vibrancy to any event.

We carry the leading LED technology and can build a LED screen of almost any size and shape. We guarantee that our LED screen set design will provide you with high-quality video that will win your audience and attendees over. We tailor all our LED screens specifically to the visual goals of your event. We’ll discuss your event’s needs, then our experts will design and configure LED screens specifically for you.


What Makes Our LED Screens Perfect for Your Next Event?

We specialize in only using the best LED screen display technology on the market. Here are just some of the benefits of what our LED screens have to offer:

 – CUSTOMIZABLE: We work with you to design a LED video wall display that fits your ideas for your event. Inside or outside the box. Indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter. We help you bring your ideas to life with completely customizable LED screen and video technology.

– UNIQUE: Our LED screens bring something fresh and unique to any event. Compared to traditional staging drapery, LED video wall backdrops leave a lasting impression that your guests will remember.

DYNAMIC:  Compared to traditional projection, LED technology is both adaptive and dynamic. Our LED video walls can be constructed in any way you want so we can help bring your creative ideas to life. They work for you to support your vision and communicate with your audience in one of the most engaging ways possible.

MOBILE LED SCREENS: We are one of the leading providers of mobile LED screens for events of all types and sizes. Because our mobile big screens are weatherproof, they are perfect for informing and entertaining your audience in all climates – indoors and outdoors. By investing in our mobile LED screens, you ensure that every one of your guests receives a first-row experience. Our screens are the ultimate way to host a tailgate or showcase your music or other festival sponsors.

Because of our friendly service and quick turnaround, we make the mobile LED screen rental process simple and efficient. We guarantee that our mobile LED screens will take your event to the next level. After this amazing experience, you will leave your audience wanting more.

MARKETABLE: Use our screens to highlight your event or trade show sponsors. LED technology lets you customize and display vibrant logos and images, so you can show off your event sponsors and they get the ultimate audience visibility.

 INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Our LED screens are built to perform both indoors and outdoors. When weather complicates other event logistics, you can have confidence that your AV production will be worry-free.

VIBRANT: You can expect nothing less than a vibrant, high-quality display from our LED screens. The stage is the focal point of any event, and your guests can catch every second of the action, regardless of size, when broadcasted on our mobile LED screens.

Location is Everything!

When you’re looking for a video and audio production company to manage your next event, you want to make sure they can get to your location and have the experience to go the distance! Since we’re based in the Midwest, we can easily provide LED screens nationwide – as well as any of our other event management services.

Need a Rental LED Screen For Your Event?

You can also rent LED screens for your next event and WOW your audience with the best in LED technology and give them an audio and visual experience they won’t forget! Contact us today for our rental rates.

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