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We know that live events can be a powerful way to connect with your clients, customers and your audience — and we are here to make your events as exciting as they can be! We also realize that planning an event is often overwhelming. We want to make planning and executing on your next event as easy and stress-free as possible. 

Our team of award-winning event managers and audio visual (A/V) experts will be with you every step of the way to help make your event – no matter how big or small – a hit! 

The success of any event depends on how much time you put into planning it beforehand. With our personalized event management, event production services and attention to detail, we will create a unique event that meets your goals, vision and objectives. Whether you are putting on a live in-person event, virtual live streaming event or a hybrid event, we have the knowledge, experience, technology and equipment to plan and manage virtually any type or size event. 

Whether your event is a corporate meeting, a live concert or a tradeshow or conference, we have the creativity, skillset and passion to design events that will capture your audience’s attention – and entertain, inform or educate them (depending on the goals you have for your event.)

Bring Your Brand To Life With State-Of-The Art Event Production

Your guests will be blown away by our dedication to detail and creativity from the moment they arrive. 

Your company needs a great vent to get ahead and make an impression, and we can help! We bring together your goals, business objectives, and budget so that you have the best event planning solution. And with our wide range of offerings there is something for everyone in any situation!

Video is a part of any great event. Our experienced creative directors don’t just come up with ideas for videos in collaboration with you – they produce the videos, too! From concepting the project’s vision all the way through postproduction, our experts are on board with you every step of the process.

Our full-service event management production company caters to the needs of businesses and events. Our event management services keep all goals for quality, time frame and budget in mind throughout every project we work on.

We give you exactly what you have envisioned for your event. Passionate and devoted, we have all the resources to run your unique event from start to finish. Our promise is that we will craft an event that both “wows” your guests and exceeds your expectations. Whether you need full event management or simply some professional guidance from our trained staff, Wired Production Group offers the best events in Iowa and nationwide.

As the premier event management company in the Midwest, our team works around the clock to deliver top notch event management for you. We begin every event by building a relationship with you and will guide you through the entire event planning and execution process.

"Wired Production Group has a great staff, great customers – It’s a place where I learn something and make a difference every day. What more can I ask for?"

Bruce Bingman

Client Account Manager | Wired Production Group

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