With more than 30 years of experience, Wired Production Group is the leading provider of full-service event solutions. We build solid relationships and complete events on time. We take the time to understand each client’s ideas and needs to make their event successful. Our creative team is dedicated to envisioning unique solutions for you. Customer experience is one of our core values. By putting your needs first, our promise is that every event will turn out exactly as you envision it. Our video and event solutions are ones that will meet your needs and budgets as well as your business goals. Whether you need an event planned from scratch or simply some extra help from our team, Wired Production Group consistently produces the best events nationwide. You can count on us.


Our professional event production team is here to work with you to make your event as stress-free and efficient as possible. By providing cutting-edge AV technology and cooperative staff, we are able to provide the best live sound, lighting, roofing, and staging for any event across the United States. Our energetic team promises you the best event experience from start to finish.


Wired Production Group creates high quality videos with life long value. We strive to lead video production in the Midwest and provide excellent service and first rate for our clients across the nation. We ensure that the creative and engaging visual content that we make will suit your needs and that it will captivate your audience. Our crew offers all of the support and expertise necessary to create any type of commercial, multimedia presentation, or live video experience.

Event Management

Planning an event can be overwhelming. Our team of event management professionals work around the clock to deliver top notch events to every client. We are proud to build a relationship with you and work tirelessly to give you exactly the event that you have envisioned. Our event managers are with you every step of the way. Our promise is that we will craft an event that exceeds your expectations.

What We Do Best

Wired Production Group provides you with the techniques and tools to educate, entertain and engage your audience. We employ the latest AV technology to build that connection, whether it’s a web video directed at new clients, presenting sales goals to your staff of 50, or putting on a concert for 3,000 of your biggest fans.


Whether you’re connecting 3 people or 3,000 people, live streaming is a great way to bring your event to people virtually anywhere.


From logistics coordination and program scripting to set design and video production, we can take your corporate events from start to finish without a hitch.


We can help with audio, staging, lighting, live video feeds and more for concerts, big or small.


We promise high quality videos with life long value. We strive to lead video production in the Midwest. We ensure that the dynamic visual content that we create will suit your needs and captivate your audience.


For both indoor and outdoor events,  we have LED screens in many sizes to fit your needs and the crew to develop the top-notch content to display.


From commencement ceremonies to athletic events to fundraising videos and branding campaigns, we supply universities with the best video and event production services to ensure success.


We help create unforgettable high-end fashion shows by providing creative runway staging, lighting, and audio solutions.


With our team of experienced trade show professionals, we are able to impress your audience with the most impressive displays and interactive features for your trade show.


We know that political events come in all shapes and sizes. We will manage your next political live event with the quick and smooth execution you need.


Take your event to the next level with our range of full-service roofing and staging options, including our mobile stage.

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