Wired Production Group is the leading provider of full-service event solutions. We do it by understanding each client’s ideas and needs. Because we build solid relationships and complete events on time, we ensure success. Our team of talented artists is dedicated to envisioning creative solutions for you. Customer experience is one of our core values. By putting your needs first, our promise is that every event will turn out exactly as you envision it. Our event solutions are ones that will meet your needs and budgets, as well as your business goals. Whether you need an event planned from scratch or simply some extra help from our team, Wired Production Group consistently produces the best events nationwide. You can count on us.

Our Strategic Approach

Wired Production Group provides you with the techniques and tools to educate, entertain and engage your audience. We employ the latest AV technology to build that connection, whether it’s a web video directed at new clients, presenting sales goals to your staff of 50, or putting on a concert for 3,000 of your biggest fans.

"I have the great privilege of representing this company and communicating with our customers about their experiences. I consistently hear that our team always goes above the call of duty to exceed their expectations. I believe that is the core of our success, and having return customers year after year gives me the motivation to work every day to create something new and exciting for them."

Ron Rausch

President | Wired Production Group

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