Why You Should Have a Mobile Stage At Your Next Event

As you’re planning your outdoor events for the year, one of the things to consider is where your main attraction is going to stand. Yes, you’re going to need a stage. Mobile stages offer a variety of advantages over traditional stage structures at outdoor events. Here are some top reasons to use a mobile stage for your next outdoor event. 

Attendees Can See The Performers

Mobile stages can accommodate an acoustic duo or a 10-piece band — and they’re large enough for everyone in the crowd to see. They allow unlimited performance capability for dozens to thousands of event attendees. No matter the size of your audience, mobile stages are definitely a great option.

Mobile Stages Allow Attendees To See The Main Attraction

Your event doesn’t just need space for the stage and your attendees. You also need to have enough space for backstage areas, including things like trailer parking, catering vans, and additional AV equipment. Traditional stage structures require preparations at ground-level to allow the structure to be built, plus hours of rigging with anchoring and ballasting. Mobile stage setups are smaller and allow extra space for the backstage areas that you might need for parking or additional structures. These stages also reduce costs and improve speed and efficiency.

Easy Set-Up

Mobile stages are incredibly convenient because there are only three steps to setup: haul it in, set it up, and haul it out. It’s really that easy! Many mobile stages are towed with a standard pickup truck. The smaller mobile stages take two stage technicians less than an hour to set up.

Stage Safety 

In the world of stage design, a traditional staging structure requires stage technicians — also known as stage riggers — to work at extreme heights as they handle the various parts of the stage structure. These stages are built from scratch from the ground up. Mobile stages are safely transported, operated, and utilized from beginning to end. 

Mobile stages comply with highway regulations because are towed as a standard trailer unit. They are each built as a self-standing stage that is safely leveled on most terrains by stage technicians during the setup. The complete build is done at ground-level with no preparations are needed ahead of time. Trained mobile stage technicians understand the specifications to ensure the easy haul, install, and use of the mobile stage.

Strong Structure 

Don’t worry about Mother Nature ruining your event. A strong mobile stage is built from an all-aluminum base and features fully hydraulic functions to set it up. Mobile stages are built to stand up to changing weather conditions, including high winds and rain. They offer a strong enough structure to raise the roof with a range of 6,500 to 152,000 of total rigging capacity, depending on the mobile stage. When you are working with performers on your stage, be sure to consider their audio, lighting, and stage design to ensure that the mobile stage at your event meets the needs of their set up and that it’s safe for all weather conditions.

Custom Design

With multiple stage deck configurations, mobile stages can accommodate the stage design you and your performers need for your event. Are you considering special signage or sponsorship advertising for your event? Mobile stages have built-in banner space on all four sides of the stage so you can show off your signage for all to see. You can also create custom backdrop designs, including banners, standalone structures, or LED video walls. The options are endless to make your stage look exceptional!

Mobile stages allow you to show off sponsor signage and banners at your event.

A Cost-Effective Alternative To Traditional Staging Structures

Event production budgets are getting tighter, so it’s important to come up with cost-effective solutions. No matter where you’re located, mobile stage rentals are cost-effective and economical. Don’t break the budget on your staging when you can put that money to use on other things at your event. 

Event Planning Environmental Bonus: Mobile stages require less energy to tow than standard semi-trailers filled with staging, so you’re also reducing fuel costs and your carbon footprint. 

With its sturdy build, easy set up, and cost-effective traits, using a mobile stage for your event might be the best idea you’ve had yet. Take your event to the masses by creating an impressive, yet affordable performance on your mobile stage. 

Contact a mobile stage rental company that can provide the turn-key staging solution you will need to bring your next event from concept to reality.