What Do Marketing Professionals Do?

Marketing professionals develop strategies to attract new business, grow a strong customer base and keep current clients.  Using the most up-to-date internet research tools, their expertise allows them to pinpoint marketing strategies on the exact customers they want to attract. Marketing professionals are creative, analytical, have great communication skills, and have a strong sense of teamwork. 

Nicole Schroeder is the Wired Production Group’s dedicated marketing professional.  She meticulously tracks our web traffic and keeps management informed on what is working well and what needs tweaking. It is with her expert guidance that we are able to plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns. Nicole has done an incredible job improving our website and our social media accounts.  It is with her guidance that we all get to celebrate things like “National Taco Day” or “National Jelly of the Month Club Day.” Because of her diligence, we never miss an opportunity to share a national celebration. On top of all that, her bright bubbly personality is our office’s welcoming presence, both on the phone and in-person. 

Nicole is a Cedar Rapids native.  2017 was a big year for her.  She joined the Wired Production Group team and then married Jacob Schroeder just two weeks later. Before joining the Wired Production Group team, Nicole worked for State Farm in Cedar Rapids. Outside of work, she is even busier than when she is at work.  She builds websites for local nonprofits and small businesses. She is currently the secretary of the Cleveland Area Neighborhood Association and she has been an active member of the Cedar Rapids Jaycees since 2015. She was recently named an ambassador for the City of Cedar Rapids through the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance. She also volunteers her time, treasure, and talents to Fur Fun Rescue, a foster-based dog rescue based out of Lisbon, Iowa.  Somehow she manages to make time for her much-loved canines, Roger and Tilly. 

Nicole is an incredible asset to Wired Production Group. Her cheery presence is a force to be reckoned with on a daily basis. Her expertise is taking this company to new places, and it’s of great benefit to us all. 

Here’s What Others Have To Say About Nicole Schroeder…

“Nicole is my sister from another mother, the gatekeeper of all gatekeepers, and the best dog mom ever!!!”   – Amanda Snyder, Client Account Manager

“Wired would be very much diminished without her. We could not ask for a better electronic marketing guru.”  -Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

“Nicole is so fun and cheerful. I would visit with her even if there wasn’t candy at her desk!” – Clayton Walters, Production Specialist Engineer

“Nicole is simply the best!!! Always making sure my quotes are ‘work appropriate.’” – Marcus Soukup, Production Specialist Engineer

“Nicole is awesome. She is the kind of person that will force you to be happy with her positive attitude and cheerful self. When you walk in the door at Wired, she will be the first to greet you with a friendly ‘hello’ and will make sure you get taken care of. Her love for this job is very evident in everything she does here. Like I said, she is awesome!”  – Jesse Snyder, Lighting Designer

“Kind, smiley, wicked smart and fantastic at her job are things that come to mind when thinking about Nicole! A caring person both professionally and personally. A valued asset to our company and community!”  – Billy Peifer, Operations Manager

“I consider Nicole to be like my little sister. She is smart, funny, and dependable. She is always quick to accommodate any request if she is able, and if she can’t, she will help find someone that can. Bottom line is….. she is a good person and an even better friend.”  – Bandi Arp, Transportation Coordinator

“Nicole is AWESOME! She’s one of the most cheerful people I’ve ever met, and if something fun is happening around the office, it’s a safe bet that she’s in the center of it! Nicole is also a talented writer; crafting articulate blog posts and marketing copy (even when presented with the occasional rambling, overly-technical idea). She makes us shine!”   – Eric Freese, Senior Editor & Videographer

“There’s nothing she can’t do or doesn’t do! She has her hands in everything. With her work in our community and countless hours with events around our area, she keeps very busy!  Not only is she fantastic at her job, but she also makes sure we get recognized. She keeps us active on all social media outlets. She has a positive energy that makes her great to be around. Nicole is always smiling, happy and has the biggest heart. She is my spirit animal and I LOVE her to pieces!” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“Nicole is a shining star in our organization. She is quick to answer any questions and drop anything to help someone in need. She knows her stuff! When she’s not brilliantly marketing WPG to the masses, she is coming up with ways for the team to outshine the competition. She is also a great office-mate!”  – Mary Beth Kunz, Event Production Manager

“Nicole is a HUGE asset to the Wired team! She is one of the most organized people I know.  I look forward to working with her in 2020 and many years to come. Thanks for all you do going above and beyond in your role.”  -Doug Netolicky, VP of Business Development

“Sunshine and rainbows emit violently from Nicole at all times. She slays negativity with her upbeat presence, leaving nothing but good vibes and smiles in her wake. Among her skills are a veritable cornucopia of marketing, client relations, web development, branding, promotion and rigorous organization.  I don’t know how she does it — I’m just glad she does. There might not be a single employee at Wired who has had a greater positive impact on the company than Nicole, and I can’t imagine doing this without her. Thanks for everything, Nicole.” – Aaron Wells, Chief Operating Officer

“Nicole is awesome. She brings so much creativity and dedication to the company. When she joined the company, we were in the middle of an acquisition, name change, new branding, website updates, and we had a social media presence that was minimal. Wow, has she changed that! Our marketing efforts under her direction are phenomenal and her work ethic is amazing. Her dedication to the community that we live in is second to none. She has done a wonderful job getting us involved in the community and has helped in taking us to the next level. I am so happy to have her on the team.  Thank you, Nicole.” – Ron Rausch, President / CEO