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When you host a live event, you want the most people to experience your event as possible. But you probably find that many people can’t travel to your event due to scheduling conflicts, distance, childcare, expenses or a variety of other reasons. Why not bring your event to people who can’t physically be there by live streaming it over the internet?

Live streaming is a great way to bring your keynote speakers, entertainers, corporate leaders, news makers or your message to an audience bigger than the people sitting in the room! With live streaming, your event is broadcast in real time over the internet. That means people sitting in the comfort of their office or home can watch and listen to your event live as it happens.

Live streaming allows you to deliver the live video and audio feed over any network that is a good fit for your message. As a bonus, many events sell the recordings of the live stream after the event to attendees and others who can’t attend the event in person. (This means extra revenue for you — and additional marketing efforts you can use to promote your company after the event!)

There are many benefits to live streaming events:

  • Increase attendance at your event
  • You get a bigger audience and more reach for your event
  • Your message and content reach more people
  • It’s a great way to boost online interaction and engagement
  • You could generate more income and get new business from people who view your live stream
  • Unique live stream sponsorship opportunities
  • Your live streamed event will make you stand out from your competitors
  • You can re-purpose the recordings afterward by putting the recorded video on YouTube and other video platforms
  • Use snippets of the video on social media and other marketing platforms
  • Online video gives you Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits
  • Live video is outpacing standard types of video

If you’re ready to take your event to the next level with live streaming, we offer live streaming services, live webcasting services, and webinar production that will make your events extraordinary!

We provide full back-end support including audio mixing, camera/video switching, content playback, recording, lighting, staging and logistics. We have a team of experts in each of these areas, and all aspects of your event are produced by experienced professionals. Backup systems and redundancies ensure a successful in-person and online event for everyone.

What makes our live streaming services the best option for your next event?

Our experienced crew specializes in coordinating live streams for any and all types of events for our clients. From public speeches in a small town to private corporate meetings for 10,000 employees across the United States, the attention to detail that our staff provides allows you to produce the high-quality live stream that you need for your event.


Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider live streaming your next event:

Take your event to the masses

We can live stream your event via various social media platforms, like YouTube or Facebook, or we can send your event to your own API or streaming service account. From 25 employees in a conference room across town to 250,000 across the world, your live stream can reach your audience anywhere. The internet has no limit!

Everyone is able to view your event, no matter their location

If there are people who want or need to see your event or presentation and are unable to travel or cannot justify the travel expenses on top of event registration or cost of time off for the event, make it easy to register online and view your event either at a lower cost or no cost at all.

Live streaming is cost-efficient

Large company meetings are less costly if done via a live streaming event instead of executives traveling to multiple locations or remote staff traveling to your headquarters. Quarterly reports, benefits announcements, town halls and special speakers are attended by all employees at the same time via live streaming. Eliminate your time and travel commitments with a live stream of your next big meeting.

Presenters can contribute from anywhere around the world

We offer a hybrid live stream/video conference service that allows presenters in multiple locations to contribute to an event. This capability is a relatively new development in the event industry and is gaining popularity as more and more business leaders telecommute. (We have even used this technology to stream in an executive who was recuperating from an injury at home.)

Where can we stream your event?

Since our event and video production office is centrally located in the Midwest, our team is able to travel quickly and easily to wherever your event is at nationwide! We have the trucks, equipment and crew to make your live streaming event happen anywhere in the United States.

How can you use our live streaming services?

We can produce the best live stream with our professional team at any time and anywhere. Impress your audience around the world! Contact us today to discuss your next event, and we will talk to you about how we can bring your event to anyone virtually anywhere with live streaming.

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With more than 20 years’ of experience in event management, live event production, video production, special events, and LED technology, we understand the business inside and out.


By staying on top of the newest technology and equipment, our talented crew maintains the experience and knowledge needed to run successful events and productions.


Our first priority is helping you create the best live event experience from start to finish. Our commitment to your success is what makes Wired Production Group the best in the business.

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