• professional AV set up at hotel venue

    Event Planners: How to Know to Hire a Pro

    Don’t “DIY” Your Event Into Disaster With the internet exploding with information, one trend that is going strong is DIY (do-it-yourself). Think about what you see everyday online: DIY furniture, DIY wedding decor, DIY holiday themed desserts. No need for a professional anymore when there’s a YouTube video to show you how to do it, […]

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  • Top Safety Risks for Live Events

    Event Planners: How to Reduce Risks at Your Events

    What Are The Safety Risks Every Event Professional Should Plan For? As event planners prepare for upcoming live events, they think through every detail of the event — from beginning to end — including all the things that can go wrong. When it comes to the possible issues that can happen at a live, virtual, […]

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  • Virtual Fundraisers: How We Helped UC Davis Get Millions of Dollars In Donations During a Pandemic

    A Virtual Events Case Study Today, we’re going to show you how Wired Production Group teamed up with Advancement Resources to help our client, UC Davis, raise millions of dollars through a virtual fundraising event during one of the world’s worst pandemics.  We were able to accomplish this even though the event had already been […]

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  • event-branding-product-launch

    Event Branding | How to Brand Your Live and Virtual Events

    Why Is Event Branding Important? Learn What You Need to Know to Brand Your Next Live or Virtual Event Whether you’re hosting an event of your own or you are the keynote speaker at a big event, you want to share your brand in the best way. There are so many things to think about […]

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  • Speaker On Stage Stand Professionally To Stay In Camera View During Hybrid Presentation

    Make Your Hybrid Event A Success

    How to Make Your Hybrid Event a Success It’s happening! Superstar country singers like Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean and selling concert tickets! Conferences that were put on hold last year are meeting in person this year – but they are also making the event virtual for people who are still too skittish to travel.  […]

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  • Alt tag: Implement safety precautions to keep people safe during COVID.

    How to Host Live Music Safely Despite COVID-19

    How to Host Live Music Safely Despite COVID-19 Concerts and live music festivals have been a tradition for communities. Live music helps bring people together and bond – and we can’t let that disappear during this pandemic. Studies have shown that concertgoers feel that music brings more emotion and a sense of belonging than most […]

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  • Wired Production Group Professional AV Installation Services

    Get Video and Audio Setup For Live Streaming | Eastern Iowa

    Do You Need Help Installing Video and Audio Equipment For Live Streaming Events Or Video Production? Everyone is live streaming these days. People are quickly finding out that doing a live stream is not as simple as setting up a webcam or sitting in front of your laptop. If you want your live streams to […]

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  • Wired Production Group Holiday Wishes Graphic

    2020 Reflection

    A Reflection of 2020 at Wired Production Group What a year. To say it has been a rollercoaster would be an understatement. The year started with so much promise and an abundance of opportunity for Wired Production Group. Our company was turning 20 years old and the outlook for 2020 was looking to be our […]

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  • Socially-Distanced-Dinner-Parties-Are-Happening-This-Holiday-Season.

    6 Holiday Party Ideas During COVID

    COVID-19 Holiday Party Ideas For Event Planners COVID-19 has totally changed the way we do “normal” things. As we look ahead to the holidays, we can assume that planning for holiday parties is going to be challenging. Thanks to the pandemic, holiday parties just won’t be the same. Our team of event experts are here […]

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  • Planning and Coordinating a Virtual Event Is Much Different Than a Live Event

    How To Promote Your Virtual Event

    How To Promote Your Virtual Event  The live event industry has taken a huge hit thanks to COVID-19. The pandemic has caused almost every event to go virtual. This has created a tremendous challenge for businesses, event coordinators, conferences, tradeshows, trainers, concerts, and every other industry that relies on gathering a large group of people […]

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  • Event Planners: Top 5 Ways to Make Money With Virtual Events

    Event Planners: How To Make Money With Virtual Events  Virtual events are the new norm for 2020 and into the foreseeable future. As an event planner, once you figure out how to get your events online, it’s time to plan how to make money with your hybrid or virtual events.  Since you are no longer […]

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  • Virtual Event: Live Streaming with Videomaker

    Virtual Event: Live Streaming with Videomaker

    Live Streaming Overview in 2020 Live streaming has never been just a way to connect with your audience who is working from home. Live streaming is so much more than that! With this trend in video production growing at a rapid rate, the video professionals at Videomaker hosted a one-day virtual event with live speakers […]

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  • Midwest Derecho Hits Wired Production Group

    Midwest Derecho Hits Wired Production Group

    City of Cedar Rapids Rebuilds After Destructive Derecho in the Midwest On Monday, August 10th, our world was rocked once again. Along with hundreds of thousands of others in our community, we were hit by the derecho – a windstorm producing 100+ mph winds and heavy rains. We are thankful that no one in our […]

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  • Entertaining Audiences During Challenging Times Is Very Important

    Why Video Is Important During Challenging Times

    Why Video Is Still Important: What You Need To Know  We’ve said it before: video is still important! The demand for video is high with more and more events moving from live in-person to virtual. Not to mention the additional time-sensitive information that businesses and organizations need to be sharing in the world we’re living […]

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  • Best Software Platform For Your Virtual Event

    Event Planners: Choosing a Virtual Event Platform

    What Is The Best Platform For A Virtual Event?  Event planners are working to find the best virtual event platforms as they move from the world of live events to virtual events to keep their clients and attendees safe. According to Event Manager Blog, it’s assumed that 30-60% of event industry experts will pivot to […]

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  • Hybrid Conferences Can Offer In-Person And Virtual Speakers

    6 Hybrid Event Ideas for Event Planners

    When Live And Virtual Event Come Together: Introducing Hybrid Events With recent developments in our world’s health status, event planners across the globe are working to develop new, exciting, and safe ways to bring their audiences together. Going from live to virtual events isn’t out of the ordinary as the events industry has been evolving […]

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  • Keep Attendees Engaged With Virtual Networking

    7 Ways to Prepare Your Attendees for Virtual Networking

    Get The Most Out Of Your Event Online With Virtual Networking The live events world is adapting at a rapid pace to accommodate the virtual need for interaction as meetings, conferences, concerts, and more are being moved to digital platforms, such as Zoom, AnyMeeting, Cisco Webex, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and more. These digital platforms […]

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  • Prairie Hawks Summer Sports Go Virtual in 2020

    Prairie Hawks Baseball & Softball Games Go Virtual in 2020

    Wired Production Group Partners With College Community School District For Virtual Summer Sports Access FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 15, 2020 Contact: Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator (319) 294-9410 info@wiredproductiongroup.com CEDAR RAPIDS – In 2020, the Prairie Hawks Baseball and Softball leaders in the College Community School District are taking the season to a new level […]

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  • Connecting to Donors Through Virtual Events

    How to Create a Virtual Experience for Donor Events

    Connecting to Donors Through Virtual Events Join special guest Angie Joens from UC Davis, Ron Rausch of Wired Production Group, and Lynnea Golding of Advancement Resources in this virtual session designed to give you a virtual event experience. During the event, we will discuss many virtual engagement questions in the donor relations field with the […]

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  • Use LED Screens For Your Drive-In Movie Theatre

    The Future of Events: Drive-In Movie Theatres

    Event Planners: How to Host the Perfect Drive-In Movie Theatre While shelter-in-place orders are carefully being lifted across the United States, event planners are working to understand the rules and regulations as to when and how live events and mass gatherings can slowly return. Many ideas are being tossed around to entertain and engage communities, […]

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  • Outdoor Concerts are Preferred by Concert-Goers Amid COVID-19

    When Live And Virtual Concerts Come Together: Introducing Hybrid Concerts

    Hybrid Concerts: The Future Of Live Concerts In 2020 2020 was on track to be the concert industry’s most profitable year ever, but live music industry experts are saying the summer 2020 concert season ended before it began due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The live music industry is built on social gathering and is struggling […]

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  • How to Host A Livestream Concert

    How To Host A Livestream Concert

    How To Host A Livestream Concert With many people “sheltering in place” thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, live concerts and other musical performances have been canceled. During your time online, you have probably seen singers, bands and other performers doing livestreams on Facebook or YouTube so that they can stay in touch with their fans. […]

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  • The History of Wired Production Group | Behind the Scenes

    Meet The Minds Behind Iowa’s Premiere Live Event & Video Production Company Since April 2016, Wired Production Group in Cedar Rapids, Iowa has been known as the premiere provider of live event and video production services in Iowa and across the Nation. The founders of Wired Production Group, Nate Hines and Ron Rausch, have been […]

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  • Host Your Next Event Online

    Event Planners: How to Host an Event Online

    How To Host A Successful Virtual Event With the popularity of virtual events climbing every day, event planners are looking to continue to grow their events online. Virtual events offer a fast, effective option for event planners who are seeking alternative solutions and looking to reduce costs, but still want to provide an excellent experience […]

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  • Get creative with a mardi gras theme for your next corporate conference

    Event Planners: 5 Creative Event Themes for Corporate Conferences

    Choose the Right Theme for Your Business Meeting or Other Corporate Event When developing your event management plan for your corporate meeting or conference, you want the event to reflect your brand. Think outside the box! Don’t get stuck with a generic theme that won’t fit your brand’s energy. Differentiate yourself from other business professionals […]

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  • Steven James Video Production Specialist Engineer

    Employee Highlight Reel | March 2020 | Steven James

    Video Professionals: Learn What It Takes To Be a Production Specialist Engineer At Wired Production Group, we are known to build experiences from start to finish for concerts, festivals, fashion shows, conferences, non-profit events, corporate meetings, and more for our clients from all across the world. Our staff has a strong understanding of the live […]

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  • Important Information For Clients & Event Professionals from Wired Production Group

    Important Information Regarding COVID-19

    Our Wired Production Group office is currently closed to the public, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have limited operating staff available and we have enforced our remote work policies. Please contact your Wired Production Group representative via email or cell phone if you are in need of assistance. Thank you for your patience during […]

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  • St. Patrick's Day Concert by Wired Production Group and Wylde Nept

    St. Patrick’s Day Concert | Wylde Nept

    St. Patrick’s Day Concert is On, Local Celtic Band Performs Live Tonight on Facebook FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 17, 2020 Contact: Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator (319) 294-9410 info@wiredproductiongroup.com LINN COUNTY – On Tuesday, March 17th, Wired Production Group will be hosting a live St. Patrick’s Day concert of local celtic band, Wylde Nept, at […]

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  • Live-from-the-Moon-Official-CRIFF-Selection

    2020 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival: Live from the Moon

    Episode III of Collins Radio Documentary Series Chosen for Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 4, 2020 Contact:  Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator (319) 294-9410 info@wiredproductiongroup.com   CEDAR RAPIDS – The Collins Story: Connecting the Moon to the Earth – Live from the Moon has been chosen as an Official Selection to be […]

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  • Video Projection Mapping Onto Round Spheres with Animation for Awards Banquet at Theatre

    What Is Projection Mapping? | Event Planning Ideas

    All You Need To Know About Projection Mapping At Your Events What is projection mapping? If you work in the event planning industry, you might have heard the term or actually seen projection mapping before, but you might not know exactly what it is. Projection mapping is a specialized video projection technique that is used […]

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  • introducing-britin-robinson

    Employee Highlight Reel | February 2020 | Britin Robinson

    Make Your Event Shine Bright with Professional Lighting Design & Stage Rigging by Britin Robinson With a mix of creativity and technical knowledge, live event professionals know what it takes to produce the best events for clients. At Wired Production Group, we produce over 300 events each year across the United States. Most of these […]

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  • Agribusiness Corporate Conference Professionals

    Midwest Agribusiness Corporate Conferences: Farm Futures 2020

    Farm Futures Business Summit: Event Planning For An Audience That Grows Corporate event planning and production never stops! Event professionals work to plan and execute trade show and corporate conferences year-round. Any event planner will tell you that there are no two corporate conferences that are the same. From varying industries to speakers to the […]

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  • Find the Best Speaker For Your Next Event

    Event Planners: How to Find Speakers for Your Next Event

    How To Pick The Right Speakers For Your Events Event planners know that the “make it or break it” point of planning any corporate event is the speakers. The venue, AV production, and meals are all important to the event’s success, but the most crucial part of the entire event is why the attendees are […]

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  • Event-Production-Manager-Mary-Beth

    Employee Highlight Reel | January 2020 | Mary Beth Kunz

    What Does An Event Production Manager Do? Learn About the Job from Mary Beth Kunz Planning and putting on a successful live event involves many professionals in a variety of roles. One of those important roles is an event production manager. An event production manager acts as a project manager and takes care of every […]

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  • Mobile stages allow you to show off sponsor signage and banners at your event.

    6 Reasons to Use a Mobile Stage for Your Next Event

    Why You Should Have a Mobile Stage At Your Next Event As you’re planning your outdoor events for the year, one of the things to consider is where your main attraction is going to stand. Yes, you’re going to need a stage. Mobile stages offer a variety of advantages over traditional stage structures at outdoor […]

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  • Nicole-Schroeder-Marketing-Project-Coordinator

    Employee Highlight Reel | December 2019 | Nicole Schroeder

    What Do Marketing Professionals Do? Marketing professionals develop strategies to attract new business, grow a strong customer base and keep current clients.  Using the most up-to-date internet research tools, their expertise allows them to pinpoint marketing strategies on the exact customers they want to attract. Marketing professionals are creative, analytical, have great communication skills, and […]

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  • Wired Production Group wishes you a very happy holiday season!

    2019 Reflection

    To our Wired Production Group staff, customers, family, and friends… The years seem to go by faster every year, and 2019 was no exception. In 2020, we will be 20 years old and wow! Has the time flown by! I am grateful to our staff, customers and community we live in for providing us an environment […]

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  • Rigging-Supervisor-Adam-Lee

    Employee Highlight Reel | November 2019 | Adam Lee

    What Does A Rigging Supervisor Do?  Over the course of the year, Wired Production Group produces almost 200 concerts across the Midwest. At many of these concerts, our company is required to build the stages for the events. A stage is only as good as the equipment and the riggers behind it. The event production […]

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  • Small Springtime Fashion Show Fundraiser

    Consider Fundraising with a Fashion Show

    Fashion Show Fundraising: Ensure Success With Strategic Event Planning  Many event planners are approached by clients to assist with developing and executing fundraising events throughout the year. Fundraising is more than just a way to raise money, but it’s also a critical piece of how to promote the charity, its message, and its goals. People […]

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  • Example of Indoor Screens

    Event Planners: Best Screen Displays For Your Event

    What Type of Screen Do I Need For My Event? Screens of all shapes and sizes are everywhere! You see TV screens of all sizes everywhere from your living room to your doctor’s office to corporate conferences and trade shows. Screens are a critical part of our everyday lives. When it comes to planning an […]

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  • Employee Highlight Reel | October 2019 | James Dewit

    What Does An Audio Engineer Do? Audio engineering is not just a skill, it’s a talent. An audio engineer listens closely and balances audio sources to make any type of event sound crisp and clear.  Audio engineers work with recording, mixing and reproducing sounds. A live sound engineer works at live events (like concerts, conferences, […]

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  • Joe Biden Speaking at LGBTQ Forum in Cedar Rapids, IA

    Historic Live Streaming of 2020 Presidential Forum

    How Live Streaming Political Events Can Get Views: LGBTQ Presidential Forum Live Stream Trends #1 On Friday, September 20, 2019, the Wired Production Group staff was invited to manage the live stream of the LGBTQ Presidential Forum presented by The Advocate, The Gazette, GLAAD, and One Iowa. This event had hundreds in attendance and was […]

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  • Professionals Creating Videos for Social Media

    How To Use Video In Your Social Media Marketing

    How To Use Video In Your Social Media Marketing Video is one of the best ways to market and promote your business online — especially on social media. A great video can tell a story or share an emotional message. Videos can explain everything from your company culture to your new product or service. Videos […]

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  • Clayton-Walters-Production-Specialist-Engineer

    Employee Highlight Reel | September 2019 | Clayton Walters

    A Day In The Life Of A Production Specialist Engineer Since the early 1990s, Wired Production Group has been dedicated to providing the highest-quality video production services in Iowa and across the US. In the live events industry, we are proud to have four incredible production specialist engineers on our staff who take the live […]

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  • Wired Production Group at Dubuque County Fair 2019

    Live Music In The Midwest: Dubuque County Fair 2019

    The Dubuque County Fair Celebrates 66 Years With Fun and Live Music In 2019, the Dubuque County Fair celebrated its 66th annual fair with more than 71,000 people attending the fun-filled Eastern Iowa event. The Dubuque County Fair has welcomed fairgoers to their 96-acre property to celebrate good old-fashioned Iowa fun since 1953. Each July, […]

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  • Josh Leinen Audio Engineer Wired Production Group

    Employee Highlight Reel | July 2019 | Josh Leinen

    Behind the Scenes with an Audio Engineer  When it comes to technical event production, audio engineers are critical to creating the ultimate experience for guests. When you are attending any event, you want to hear everything that’s happening, right? From the emcee’s announcements to the live band backing up your favorite singer, you can’t enjoy […]

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  • The “Big Ideas” Video Marketing Campaign for UC Davis Foundation

    Professional Video Production For Colleges & Universities

    How To Use Video To Show Off Your College Or University Over the years, colleges and universities have grown to understand that high-quality videos are critical to the success of their marketing efforts and that video can play an important role in their online marketing efforts.  Videos are a great way to engage potential students […]

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  • The Collins Story – Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Live from the Moon

    In association with Busbee Communications, Wired Production Group is ecstatic to announce “The Collins Story – Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Live from the Moon” is complete! As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon, the Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association is looking forward to entertaining audiences with another look into the […]

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  • Fashion Show Fundraiser Gala Event Production

    Hosting A Midwest Fashion Show Event: Bubble Ball 2019

    Are You Planning A Fashion Show Or Some Other Event?   Find Out How An Event Production Company Can Help With Your Next Event In the event production industry, Wired Production Group is no stranger to creative event planning and unique event design ideas. We appreciate it when our clients come to us with a […]

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  • Bring a mobile LED screen to your next party or event

    Want To Rent A Jumbotron For A Party or Event?

    Jumbotrons: Get Your Tailgate Big Screen Rental For The Best Football Experience The countdown to football season is on! It’s time to start thinking about your tailgate party plans, including how you’re going to watch the big games. LED screens (or “jumbotrons”) make you and your party guests feel like you’re part of the game! […]

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  • Bruce Bingman

    Employee Highlight Reel | May 2019 | Bruce Bingman

    All About Being A Client Account Manager: Learn From The Professionals We are proud to have two dedicated client account managers who handle the event logistics for clients at Wired Production Group. In today’s blog, we are thrilled to introduce you to Bruce Bingman. Since March 2017, Bruce has been an integral part of the […]

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  • 11 Event Planning Websites and Tools

    Event Planner Resources: 11 Event Planning Resources To Make Your Job Easier Event planners must balance time, budget, logistics — and their team. It’s an overwhelming job! That’s why we’ve created this list of event planner resources for busy event planners. These websites and tools will provide you with resources, education, webinars, blog posts and […]

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  • celebrate

    Celebrating Small Business Week with Wired Production Group

    Small Business Week 2019: May 5 – May 11 Many people are celebrating Cinco De Mayo, but we’re celebrating the start of Small Business Week! As a small business, we’re celebrating! According to the United States Small Business Administration, more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business. In our community, […]

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  • creative-stage-lighting

    5 Staging Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Live Event

    5 Staging Mistakes To Avoid At Your Next Event When you are planning an event, your stage design is very important because it sets the tone for your event. Whether you are having a corporate conference, political event, live concert or fashion show, your stage is the main focus of your attendees. It is a […]

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  • Wired Production Group documentary honored at Film Festival

    Collins Radio Documentary Chosen for Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival

    Collins Radio Documentary Chosen for Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 13, 2019 Contact: Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator (319) 294-9410 info@wiredproductiongroup.com CEDAR RAPIDS – The Collins Story: Connecting the Moon to the Earth – Moon Talk has been chosen as an Official Selection to be exhibited at the 2019 Cedar Rapids […]

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  • trade show events

    Should Your Company Exhibit At Trade Shows?

    Trade Show Exhibit Setup And Live Event Case Study: TIGI® Copyright Colour Exhibiting at trade shows is a great way for your company to reach your target market, develop strong brand awareness and find new customers or clients. Trade shows help showcase your business and brand to a diverse, large audience and can help create […]

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  • lance-lineburg

    Employee Highlight Reel | February 2019 | Lance Lineburg

    What It Takes To Be An Audio Engineer: Ask The Professionals In the event industry, it is often times said that good audio can make a performance and bad audio can break it. This pressure lies on the the shoulders of live audio engineers. Wired Production Group is proud to have audio engineer, Lance Lineburg, […]

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  • Using Videos at Events: What Event Planners Need To Know

    3 Questions to Ask When Planning Video Production for Your Next Event When you begin the event planning process, you need to sit down and consider all of your needs. One of the most important parts of any successful event is the audio and video (AV) production. No matter how big or small your event […]

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  • wired production group truck driver

    Employee Highlight Reel | January 2019 | Bandi Arp

    Event Professionals: Learn About Travel & Logistics Management for Live Events Putting on any event involves logistics management — getting things to and from the event is an important part of the success of your live event. To kick off the new year, we’d like to share a little bit about our jack of all […]

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  • event-planning-stress

    Event Planners: 9 Tips for a Stress-Free Event

    Event Planners: Keep the Stress Away When Planning Your Live Events   If you’re an event planner, you know how stressful your job can be. Planning, organizing and keeping your event on track is a challenging feat. Whether it’s technology or managing your time, here are some helpful tips to make your event planning more […]

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  • happy-holidays-from-wired-production-group

    2018 Reflection

    A Message from the CEO of Wired Production Group, Ron Rausch   As we move into 2019, I want to take a moment to reflect on our successes of 2018. What a great year for Wired Production Group. We truly have an incredible group of people that are dedicated to our customers. They are able […]

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  • Marcus-Production-Specialist-Engineer

    Employee Highlight Reel | December 2018 | Marcus Soukup

    Production Specialist Engineers: Learn What Goes On Behind The Scenes At Live Events We like to show off the hard work of our employees at Wired Production Group. This month we’re featuring one of our hard-working Production Specialist Engineers, Marcus Soukup. Here’s a song about our Marcus: In West Cedar Rapids, he was raised, behind […]

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  • event-branding-product-launch

    Event Branding | How to Brand Your Events

    Why Is Event Branding Important? Learn What You Need to Know to Brand Your Next Event Whether you’re hosting an event of your own or you are the keynote speaker at a big event, you want to share your brand in the best way. There are so many things to think about when you brand […]

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  • eric-dean-freese

    Employee Highlight Reel | November 2018 | Eric Freese

    What Does It Take To Be A Video Editor and Videographer? According to IMDB, Eric Dean Freese is known for his video production work in multiple movies. This is in addition to his work with our team at Wired Production Group. Since 2011, Eric has been an integral part of our video production staff as […]

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  • bold-and-bright-holiday-colors

    Event Planners: 5 Creative Holiday Party Ideas

    Don’t Overdo The Christmas Traditions, Try Something New This Holiday Season The holidays are almost here and it’s time to put on your event planning hat to make plans for this year’s big party. You’ve done ugly sweaters, you’ve done the white elephant gift exchange, you’ve done the photo booths… It’s time to get creative […]

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  • University of California Davis LGS Gala

    Fundraising Events: Video Production and Event Production at UC Davis

    Raising Fundraising Awareness With Video   As one of ten campuses at the University of California, UC Davis is home to more than 38,000 students. For over 100 years, UC Davis has offered a variety of majors in four colleges and six professional schools. It is recognized as one of the top public universities in […]

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  • Event Production Company FAQs

    10 Questions to Ask Before Working With An Event Production Company

    Are You Planning to Hire An Event Production Company For Your Next Event? Here Are 10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire An Event Management Company As a professional event production company, our clients (and potential clients) ask us a lot of questions. The questions we’re asked are great ones! So we thought we would […]

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  • outstanding-office-manager

    Employee Highlight Reel | October 2018 | Kim Klein

    What Does An Event Production Office Manager Do? If you want to meet a rockstar event production office manager, meet our very own Kim Klein. Our Wired Production Group team is incredibly lucky to have the best of the best taking care of our office and our crew. Kim is indispensable to our event production […]

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  • 4 Fun and Easy Fall Party Ideas

    Create Memories This Fall With These Party Ideas Everyone is back to school, fall sports are in full swing, and everyone is gearing up for the holidays. Fall is a great time to gather with some friends for a good time and it’s the perfect season for fun group activities. Here are some fun (and […]

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  • Event Planning Checklist

    Planning Your Next Event   Planning an event is stressful. It involves planning, coordination, project management skills – and a lot of stress! In fact, being an event coordinator made it on the list as one of the top most stressful jobs in 2017. Despite the challenges, pulling off a successful event is very rewarding! […]

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  • mobile-LED-screen-displays-college-commencement

    College Admins: How To Prepare for College Graduation Ceremonies

    Make Your College’s Graduates’ Big Day Memorable College Commencement Ceremony AV and Staging Production Tips As college seniors frantically cram for finals and pull all-nighters writing research papers that they waited until the last minute to start, it’s time for college administrators to begin preparing for one of the most unforgettable moments at any college […]

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  • How Drone Aerial Footage Can Help You Get More Business

    Drone Aerial Footage Video Can Help Show Off Your Business And Get More Customers   More than 90% of consumers watched video last week, and 70% say that videos help them to make a purchasing decision. That means when potential customers are using a search engine to look for a business or product, they need […]

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  • Political Event Production

    Political Events: How to Put on a Winning Political Event

    How to Pull Off Planning and Putting on a Political Event   When an election cycle hits, political candidates are on the road constantly. Politicians travel locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally for a variety of special political events. For successful politicians, it’s all about image. A political candidate’s schedule is erratic because they have […]

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  • iowa-irish-fest-full-stage-2018

    Outdoor Event Planning: Sights and Sounds of Iowa Irish Fest 2018

    Planning for an Outdoor Summer Festival: Iowa Irish Fest 2018   Since 2007, the Cedar Valley Irish Cultural Association has brought Irish culture to the heart of downtown Waterloo with the popular Iowa Irish Fest. In partnership with Qrowe Productions, Wired Production Group is proud to be a part of a special weekend that brings […]

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  • Slow-Motion Video is a Fun Company Activity

    8 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy With Fun Perks

    Fun Ways to Make Your Employees Happy With Special Events It’s important to keep employees engaged in their work, but it’s also critical to keep them happy. There is more to a happy team than just casual Fridays and occasional bagels in the break room! It’s always fun to plan special events for employees and […]

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  • Live Streaming: Things To Consider When Streaming Your Live Event

    Are You Live Streaming Your Next Event? Here Are Some Things to Consider Before You Go Live It’s time to get on board with the hottest trend in event marketing: live streaming. Video has made it to the top in the marketing world and if you haven’t jumped on board already, now is the time […]

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  • vice-president-of-business-development-doug-netolicky

    Employee Highlight Reel | June 2018 | Doug Netolicky

    Doug Netolicky has followed the Wired Production Group company since Ron Rausch began his video production business in 1997. In May 2011, he joined the Wired Production Group team as the Vice President of Business Development with more than 20 years of diverse sales and marketing experience. In his position, Doug is responsible for developing […]

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  • concert-production-led-video-wall

    Music Event Production: Staging and Producing America’s River Festival 2018

    Live Music Event Production At Its Best Summer is the busiest season for the Wired Production Group team. The hectic schedule starts mid-May and runs through the end of October. Between music festivals, college and university events and other summer production adventures across the United States, our event production calendar is full — but we always […]

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  • Cedar Rapids Flood of 2008

    Cedar Rapids Flood of 2008: 10 Years Later

    Cedar Rapids 2008 Flood: A City Growing Ten years ago the City of Cedar Rapids experienced one of the harshest natural disasters in our city’s history. The Cedar River, which runs through downtown Cedar Rapids, crested to a record level of 31 feet. The brutal flood waters covered 14% of the city and displaced more […]

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  • alton-perkins

    Employee Highlight Reel | May 2018 | Alton Perkins

    Wired Production Group Team Member Highlight: Alton Perkins The event production industry is often frantic, stressful and full of deadlines. Alton Perkins is the Warehouse Equipment Manager at Wired Production Group in Cedar Rapids, IA. He helps keep our event planning services and production services running smoothly. If there is a piece of equipment for […]

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  • Stage Design Lighting

    Event Planners: Make Your Next Event Shine With These Lighting Tips

    Meeting Planners: Lighting Tips for Indoor and Outdoor Events If you’re planning an event, don’t overlook the importance of lighting. The table decorations, stage displays, pipe and drape, and registration table are important, but the lighting at an event can make a BIG impact on the entire look and feel of your event. Event planners […]

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  • Rob-Silver

    Employee Highlight Reel | April 2018 | Rob Silver

    Wired Production Group Team Member Highlight: Rob Silver   Once upon a time in the city of Cedar Rapids, there was a man named Rob Silver. Rob has the title of Production Specialist Engineer at Wired Production Group and does many impressive things in the video production world. He has been with the Wired Production […]

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  • Use pipe and drape in small stage spaces

    Event Planners: 3 Tips For Event Planners To Maximize Stage Design

    Event Planners: 3 Tips For Event Planners To Maximize Stage Design in Small Spaces   Most event planners have to work within a budget for their event. It makes sense for you to be cost conscious when you decide where to host the event as well as how you produce it. If you are working […]

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  • Cedar-Rapids-Metro-Economic-Alliance-Annual-Meeting

    What We’ve Been Up To | Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance Annual Meeting

    In February 2018, the Wired Production Group team was invited to manage the event production for the the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance Annual Meeting. We have very unique clients that bring creative ideas to the table, and the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance is no exception. The theme of their event: “Building our future, […]

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  • sample of LinkedIn e-learning course recorded

    How to Use Video Marketing At Your Next Event

    How to Use Video Marketing at Your Next Event You want to keep up with current marketing trends at your events, right? It’s easy to fall behind the times with our constantly evolving digital world, but to keep your business and your brand strong, you need to stay informed on the marketing strategies that are […]

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  • Aaron Wells Audio Engineer

    Employee Highlight Reel | February 2018 | Aaron Wells

    Wired Production Group Team Member Highlight: Aaron Wells This month, we would like to share a little bit of information and appreciation for our Wired Production Group Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Wells. *insert epic drum solo here* Aaron joined the Wired Production Group team as an audio engineer in January 2015. Since his original start […]

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  • 7 Cool Technologies You Should Have At Your Next Event, Conference or Tradeshow Booth

    7 Cool Technologies You Should Have At Your Next Event, Conference or Tradeshow Booth If you’re an event planner or oversee tradeshows and conferences at your company, you probably spend a lot of time and money on the events you host or the tradeshows or conferences where you exhibit. When you spend so much time, […]

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  • Creative Producer Josh Busche

    Employee Highlight Reel | January 2018 | Josh Busche

    On February 4, 2016, the entire world at Wired Production Group (WPG) changed in one swift motion. Josh Busche came aboard the team. Josh (also known as Busche, Maverick or Sir Josh) is a Director of Photography and Creative Producer in our video production department. He is a graduate from the University of Iowa with […]

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  • Midwest Video Production for Local Businesses

    Wired Production Group is more than just an event production company. One of our many facets is video production. The majority of what we do in the world of professional video production is for corporate clients across the United States – but we love working with our small, local businesses. Our videographers take incredible pride […]

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  • 5 Ideas to Innovatively Light Up Your Next Event

    Get Creative With Your Event Lighting At Wired Production Group, we are creative problem solvers and artists. When we begin the early stages of helping our clients plan events, we think outside of the box to create full-service event solutions that are stunning and unique. One of the best ways to do this is by […]

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  • 4 Cameras to Instantly Capture Your Next Event

    The digital age brought about the fall and revamping of #InstantCameras By Mackenzie Moffitt Planning an event and want to make sure your guests remember it? Let them take snapshots of the memories they want to make by providing them with the technology to make it happen. The polaroid cameras that most of us came […]

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  • New Techniques

    Learning new things is a trend around here, and last week a few of our video gurus dabbled in the art of cinemagraphs. If you aren’t familiar, these are pictures that only have one component in motion where everything else seems to be just a photograph. Cinemagraphs are considered to be “living” pictures and are becoming popular in […]

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  • Event Planners: Set The Stage For A Great Presentation

    Important Stage Design Tips for Event Planners There is a lot to be mindful of when you are setting the stage for a presentation. Your stage highlights important items for your audience and your presenter’s experience. The stage design budget may seem to be something you think you can eliminate, but until you sit down […]

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  • Do I Have To Use In-House AV?

    Event Planners Ask: “Do I Have To Use In-House AV?” When you’re in event planning mode, sometimes you come across a piece of your event plan so succinct that it doesn’t make sense to do anything besides stamp it with an “Approved” or “Yes!” But is that the best thing to do when you’re setting […]

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  • The Future of Event Design

    I was reading BizBash yesterday, one of my favorite event publications, and found an interesting article on the future of event design. This article struck a cord with me, not just as someone who designs events, but also from the perspective of a company heavily invested in the technology side of events as well. As predicted in […]

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  • Event Planners: Try These Online Collaboration Tools

    We came across this comic the other day and laughed out loud. Seriously, how often do we feel this way? Besides the paranoia of being framed for a crime all whilst lost in translation of a conference call, it’s easy for “the ease of technology” to interfere with the end result. However, there are a […]

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  • Apps for Your Next Road Trip

    Download These Apps For Your Upcoming Road Adventure We love a good road trip just like the next person. Working in live event production has given us the opportunity to travel all over the state, as well as to the tips of the country. We were in 7 cities in 7 days this summer, with […]

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  • Flood of 2008: Five Years Later

    Five years ago today, the Cedar River crested during the Flood of 2008. It was a hard summer in Cedar Rapids, with thousands of homes and businesses impacted. The recovery process has been long and grueling, but the progress we have made is worth celebrating. It was a gorgeous summer day today, a welcome relief […]

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