If you’re an event planner, you know how stressful planning and putting on an event can be. But did you know that hiring an event production company can be a great partner for some of your bigger events? An event production company can help you in ways that will make your job easier and make your event look flawless and professional. 

Event production companies are dynamic partners that play a crucial role in bringing events to life. They can be involved in every stage of the event process, from initial concept to execution. Their expertise includes selecting and preparing venues, managing vendors, operating technical equipment like video, sound, lighting, staging, and handling logistics. These companies excel in transforming ideas into real experiences, ensuring that each event is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of your event. 

Whether it’s a corporate conference, a large music festival, or a trade show, event production companies bring a blend of creativity, technical skill, and organizational competence to the team. They navigate the complexities of event planning, including budget management, scheduling, and compliance with safety regulations, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture so you can enjoy the event without the burden of operational and technical details. Their involvement is often the key to creating memorable, well-executed events that leave lasting impressions.

Before and after photo of event production design by Wired Production Group at Evergreen State College

If you’ve never considered hiring an event production company before, let’s look at how these companies can help you with your next event.

Professional Expertise and Experience

Event production companies bring professional expertise to the table. These types of companies have experience working at a variety of events – everything from conferences, corporate meetings, concerts, trade shows – you name it! An experienced event production company has probably handled an event like the one you’re currently planning. And they’ve seen the good…the bad…and the ugly. And like a pro, they’ve handled it all!

They know how to scope out an event venue ahead of time to look for possible pitfalls and plan for issues that may arise. They know how to plan for a successful event. And when setting up for the event, they will have everything organized and ready to go well in advance. If there are any last-minute surprises, the team is well-equipped to handle them quickly and professionally.

Success Story In Action

Unlike other hotels that are used to handling trade show logistics and the need for large semi trucks with trailers to pull up to the doors to unload, the Wild Dunes Resort was not equipped to handle this type of event from a logistics standpoint. 

For example, the resort didn’t even have any loading docks needed to unload trucks, and it didn’t have a large enough area next to the resort for Wired Production Group’s 52-foot semi when it arrived with all the items for the event.

Professionals seated on stage in high-top chairs in front of backdrop for speaking panel

So the team planned ahead and arranged to park the semi at the golf course on the property, and then they rented a smaller truck. The team then unloaded items off the semi into the smaller truck to shuttle items back and forth to the resort. Problem solved!

Wired Production Group semi truck and trailer parked on the left with a rental box truck on the right

Having a partner with that kind of experience can assist you with planning and execution – so you look like a pro. 

High-Quality Equipment and Technology

If you want your event to stand out, you must have the latest technology. That means having confidence prompters for your speakers, stages that look professional, LED screens so that everyone can see what’s going on, LED walls that grab peoples’ attention, crisp and clear audio, lighting that WOWs the audience – the works! And you need it all to run flawlessly.

When you combine all of this, it will enhance the overall experience of your event.

Creative and Customized Solutions

A quality event production company will help you come up with creative solutions to your needs. That’s why it’s important to bring in this team of experienced professionals early into your event planning process. That way, they can customize solutions specific to your event.

Success Story In Action

The planning team wanted a creative way to show videos to the attendees, so Wired Production Group had the idea to create a custom projection screen in the shape of the state of Nebraska – which fit with the theme of the event’s fundraising campaign.

Wired Production Group has used this visual strategy before with other colleges and universities. The decision-makers could see samples of their work on the Wired Production Group website, and in the end, the client felt confident that it would look good and work well with their event. The projection screen in the shape of Nebraska was a big hit with the attendees!

Professional event production team manages multiple live video feeds, teleprompter, and video playback behind the scenes

Stress Reduction and Time Management

Outsourcing to an event production company can help reduce stress for you as the event planner. Since they can manage many of the technical and creative aspects of the event, you can focus on other priorities of the event – which will reduce your stress.

Need Help With Your Next Event?

If you’re looking for an experienced event production company for your next event, Wired Production Group is here for you! Contact us today and tell us about your upcoming event, and a member of our team will reach out to you to learn more. We’re here to make your event unforgettable.