With our rich history working with the University of Iowa Center for Advancement, Wired Production Group had the opportunity to collaborate on another campaign kick-off with the University of Iowa team alongside Agency EA. The University of Iowa was interested in adding visuals and technologies that would complement the Voxman Music Building and its classical design for the “Together Hawkeyes” campaign launch. Wired Production Group managed the execution of the live event production elements, including audio, lighting, LED technology, video screens, and staging.

The “Together Hawkeyes” fundraising campaign was developed with the goal of reaching over 300,000 University of Iowa alumni and friends, offering 3 million points of connection for alumni to engage in university life, and raising $3 billion in private support. 

The beautiful October evening welcomed those in attendance with a light and bright event design. In the lobby area, Wired Production Group provided lighting elements and video screens with engaging campaign graphics rotating before and after the main event. Additionally, an LED backdrop was built to sit as a focal point in the lobby area. The LED screen displayed the “Together Hawkeyes” logo and digital portraits populated as small icons in real-time as the live photographer in the venue captured photos. 

Collage of photos capturing the experiential event lobby design with video and LED technology visuals from Wired Production Group for the University of Iowa Center for Advancement campaign launch event

The Voxman Music Building concert hall is where the campaign launch event was produced.

View from the balcony at the Voxman Music Building with the stage set up for a live music performance and custom lighting designs across the walls and ceilings by Wired Production Group

“We really wanted to highlight the organ as the main focus of the space,” explained Lighting Designer Jonathon Wardlow. “The unique Modscene design to fill the deep stage allowed for many different lighting design options to complement the natural design of the venue. We chose the gobo design that added vibrancy to the walls to illuminate the space.”  

For the main event, Agency EA provided multiple videos, all highlighting the pillars of the fundraising campaign. Agency EA also provided a slide deck with animations as part of the program.

“Getting to work with Agency EA and seeing instant results of our communication on-site as we worked through the tech rehearsal was fantastic,” shared Wired Production Group Video Engineer, Joel Porter. “The client’s excitement for the event made the day go smoothly.” 

“We brought in Wired Production Group on a project in October 2023 and couldn’t have been happier. From the pre-production process through on-site execution, not only were they professional and easy to work with, but their expertise and technical insight helped us push through all technical aspects and make the production a widely successful event.”

Thomas Alessio

Technical Producer, Agency EA

Wired Production Group is honored to have been a part of the live event production for the campaign launch in 2023. For more information on the “Together Hawkeyes” campaign, please visit foriowa.org. To learn more about donor engagement and fundraising event production with Wired Production Group, please connect with our team of professionals via the link below.