The Professionals Behind the Scenes: Careers at Wired Production Group

So much happens behind the scenes in the world of live, virtual, and hybrid events. There is even more behind video productions. Event and video production industry careers come in various shapes and sizes. Not all skills are represented the same. From audio engineers in a touring company to lighting designers in theater to video editors in Hollywood studios, there is a long list of career opportunities across the globe. 

At Wired Production Group, we give you the opportunity to have a strong home base in Eastern Iowa and still experience the type of event and video production career you’re looking for. Careers within our company give you a wide range of opportunities to cross into different types of events, video productions, and new creative projects that will challenge you to use your brain power, collaborate with others on a higher level, utilize technology as a strong resource, and make clients’ visions come to life through your time and talents. These opportunities vary from live shows for local non-profits to multi-day music festivals in the region to corporate conferences for thousands on the East and West coasts. No two days are the same at Wired. 

While the majority of our staff is comprised of lighting, video, and audio technicians who are executing the shows, video teams shooting and editing, and technical directors with boots on the ground while events are happening, we have a behind-the-scenes crew for our behind-the-scenes crew! Behind our office doors, you’ll connect with our client account managers, our office and logistics staff, a full warehouse crew, a sales and marketing team, and a handful of others cheering you on. 

Top Three Ways to Get Hired at Wired

Send In Your Resume

Seriously, send us your resume! Take a chance and push “send” on that email. Just be sure that your resume is attached.

Not only are we seeking talented people but we’re on the lookout for individuals who will mesh well with our team. These individuals have the hustle and heart to put their energy into producing the best events possible for clients across the globe. We always look for awesome freelance audio engineers, lighting designers, camera operators, video engineers, and stagehands to add to our crew. We may not be hiring for permanent positions every minute of the year, but it’s not uncommon for a freelance opportunity to turn into something full-time with our crew.

Event Production Internships in the Midwest

Show Off Your Work

Our hiring team wants to see what you’re capable of! So showcase your work and send it along. Share with us a link to a video of a show you’ve produced, an audio file with some of your mixes, or samples of your lighting designs on paper or in photos. Be proud of the work you’ve produced. We want you to feel that pride as a part of our team, so start now. (References are great, too.) 

Tell Us Why You Want to Work at Wired

Some people ask us, “Why would I want to live in Iowa for this job?” It’s not the job that should make you want to work here in the middle of the corn state. Our crew, culture, and confidence in creating memorable events and videos for our clients should drive you to want to work with us. Whether you’re an Iowa native or a Midwest transplant, you won’t experience a company like Wired anywhere else. 

Collage of photos of Wired Production Group staff participating in companywide events and meals

At Wired Production Group, employees are offered a wage that provides a bridge between their home life and work life. We promote fairness in the workplace through fair pay and offering strong benefits that extend to families. With over 30 years of business rooted in our community, our leadership team encourages staff to buy goods and services that support efforts to support the local economy. No matter how many days of the year we travel, Cedar Rapids is always home. We have a duty to keep our community strong by living, working, and playing here. 

Unquestionably, Wired Production Group recognizes that the organization’s success is based on the employees’ success. Our employees’ dedication to excellence is unparalleled. Our CEO, Ron Rausch, celebrates that dedication through reward and recognition that supports employees’ lifestyles. He understands the difference that the team makes in the lives of many each and every day via events and video productions, and he uses that as the motivation behind the decisions made as a company.  

Through professional and personal development offerings, a broad healthcare program, a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a strong connection to the local community, and a focus on the collaborative culture, Rausch strives to ensure that company benefits exceed employees’ expectations.   

Culture is going to work with heart and knowing that what you do is making a difference.
Ron Rausch

CEO, Wired Production Group

Want to see more of what Wired believes in? Check out our commitment to our community and our Wired Gives Back initiatives. 

The Hiring Process at Wired Production Group

Once we receive your resume, our hiring team will contact you to discuss your interest in working with us. You can expect this communication to come via email, so keep your eyes peeled in your inbox. If you don’t hear from us within 72 hours, please call the office at (319) 294-9410 to ensure your resume has been received. 

Ready to Work at Wired?

Do you have event planning or event production experience? Are you ready to work for a company that works together as a team to make clients and events successful? 

Wired Production Group is not just an event and video production company. We are Wired. We stays connected to our team, our clients, and our community. Our team is dedicated to developing the future of our company in the event industry through evolving technology and amazing teamwork. Check out the details of what we’re currently hiring for, and submit your resume on our Careers page.