While we wish it weren’t true, we know that designing and producing a successful corporate event isn’t easy. Beyond just your program schedule of events, the details matter. This includes, but is not limited to, the food, parking, permits, restrooms, and event design. We know that you put a big emphasis on that last one! From decor to room layout, event design elements combine to show your audience more about your event or organization through visuals. Designing an event space with memorable surroundings for your corporate event can be simple yet impactful if you properly add one very important thing to your event: lighting design. 

Steps to Create an Unforgettable Event with Lighting Design

When it comes to event design, there are many details that you need to be aware of as you create specialized lighting to enhance your visual experience. It may seem simple – just hang the lights, and you’re done. But it doesn’t work like that! There is a technical side to lighting design to make your event truly unforgettable for attendees. 

Simple Colored Uplighting Design Along Stairway in Seattle Museum of Art by Wired Production Group

Focus on the Event Space

In the event space, you need to consider the facts around what you’re working with. What time of day is this event happening in the space? What natural lighting is available through windows or doorways during this time of day? Where are the darker areas of the event space that need a little extra attention? What does the stage look like without additional lighting on your presenters? The focus is on the details of the event space! 

Additionally, adding lighting to your event space requires power. If your event is indoors, you must ensure you have the proper power sources for your lighting fixtures. If your event is outdoors, you may need to consider bringing in a generator to power your event lighting. 

Work Around Existing Lighting

If your event venue has existing lighting, there is always a possibility that you can work with this to your advantage. Depending on the mood of your event, existing lighting may or may not work for your event. Consider these examples:

  • If the event space is very bright with white LED lighting that keeps your attention, that could work great for an event that requires focused attention and alert attendees. 
  • If the event space is warmly lit with wall sconces and you’re looking for a cozy vibe for your event, you can definitely work with this! 

No matter what lighting is available in the event space, it’s always possible to add lighting elements that improve the event. Start with what you’ve got and design your lighting from there. 

Control the Design with Sightlines

A sightline is the visual pathway for your event space. A clear sightline means that you can see everything in the event space without any obstructions in view. This is typically managed through furniture set up in the event space – but lighting comes into play, too! All of the lighting fixtures in the event space should be placed on-stage or off-stage where they do not obstruct any sort of view of the presentation or main stage. Would you want a chandelier hanging directly in front of you so you can’t see the speaker on-stage when you’re sitting in the back of the room? Absolutely not! Find an event space with the proper lighting for your audience to feel comfortable and included. 

Lighting also helps create a focal point within the sightlines. Accent lighting is oftentimes the best option for this effect. This creates a specific focus on any focal point you want to highlight at your event, like signage or another type of visual display, an auction table, or an off-stage entertainer. This draws your attendee’s attention to that area, and the rest of the space simply exists in the background. 

Add Pattern and Texture

When you design the lighting for your event, you can add patterns and textures to the ceiling, walls, and flooring to give your venue a more theatrical feel. Certain lighting fixtures can also add depth and visual interest to the space. Experienced event lighting designers have extensive experience with these types of elements and can easily add the right patterns and textures to complement your event design. 

Creative Event Lighting Design Options

Event lighting design isn’t just about making your event look nice; it’s about bringing your event or brand to life! If you do it right, you can change the entire atmosphere of your venue and encourage attendee engagement, which can lead to higher attendee event satisfaction. For the last 30+ years, our event designers have produced events of all shapes and sizes across the globe. We’ve put our heads together to showcase some creative event lighting design options that could work for your next event. 


Whether you have a plain backdrop, an empty wall space, or you just need some extra light in your event space, uplighting is an excellent option to add the right combination of color and brightness where you need it most.

Venue uplighting around the perimeter of the building to add depth and dimension to the smaller event space for attendees by Wired Production Group
Stage and drape uplighting designed by Wired Production Group to complement event design colors and existing venue lighting
Stage Uplighting Design to Complement Projection Mapping Display produced by Wired Production Group


When we shared details about adding pattern and texture to your event, gobo lighting design is exactly what you need to make that happen! Gobos (or Goes Before Optics) are similar to stencils that are installed in your light fixtures to create the right look for your space.

University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital Fundraising Event with Gobo Pattern Design On-Stage by Wired Production Group
Mercy Game Show Gala Fundraiser with Gobo Pattern on Ceiling for Design by Wired Production Group
Simple Pattern Gobo on the Stage Foor Design by Wired Production Group

Gobos can also be used to share any specific message you want to share. YES! You can use lighting to share messages! For example, this can be a logo, event name, sponsor design, or hashtag.

Outdoor Logo Gobo Design with Exterior Uplighting on the Building for University of Nebraska by Wired Production Group
Logo Gobo for Evergreen State College projected on indoor pillar at Seattle Museum of Art by Wired Production Group
Superhero-Theme Corporate Event in Waterloo Iowa with Batman Logo Gobo Created by Wired Production Group

LED Washes

No matter the size of your event space, you can add an LED wash to your design to set the tone and create a mood that complements your event theme. But what exactly is an LED wash? LED wash light fixtures do what they say they do – they wash the event space with light and have soft edges to create the right feel for your event.

Moving Lights

Not a huge budget for your lighting design? No problem! Consider adding moving lights to your event design. Moving lights can offer the right color combination that adds a bit of entertainment for your attendees. It’s incredible what some moving colors can do to keep your attendees’ attention.

8 ft crystal chandelier specialty lighting hung from the ceiling by Wired Production Group at indoor fundraising event inside the SAC Air and Space Museum in Nebraska above round tables for gala dinner

Specialty Lighting

Sometimes, creating the right visual experience is done by adding specialty lights. Some event organizers light statement pieces, like pillar candles or chandelier lights, to catch the attention of their guests. Other event organizers appreciate more of the specialty lighting that simply adds a little elegance to their event space, like string lights or votives. There are even some event organizers that like spotlights with disco balls! Well, that usually goes along with an event theme, but the lighting makes a huge difference in complimenting the event style. Lighting design is an opportunity to think outside the box for your event. 

Hiring an Experienced Lighting Designer

You may think that event lighting seems easy, but there’s a lot of work behind the scenes to make it happen! From venue selection to stage design to room layout to power to light fixture selection, it’s best to connect with an experienced lighting designer who can offer the right assistance for your event. When it comes to creating a visually appealing event, a lighting designer can make all the difference in the success. They will be able to offer the guidance, knowledge, and equipment needed to transform your event into something extraordinary for your attendees. 

Trust the Event Production Experts

With more than 30 years of experience in event production, the team at Wired Production Group is ready to bring memorable event lighting to your next event! We’ve provided professional lighting design for international conferences, nonprofit galas, multi-million dollar fundraisers, touring musical acts, and more to all 50 states across the United States. Our staff is ready to go wherever our clients take us. From lighting design to audio production to indoor and outdoor staging to video production and beyond, Wired Production Group is ready to provide you with the time, attention, and expertise to truly “WOW” your audience. Connect with our team today to get started on your next event experience!