Professional Trade Show Production

Why You Should Hire a Trade Show Production Company

As an event planner, when you’re preparing to exhibit at a trade show, one of the most important aspects to consider is your trade show booth design and production. A well-designed and produced trade show booth can make a big impression on potential customers as they walk a crowded trade show floor. A quality professionally designed and produced booth will help you stand out from the competition on the trade show floor. 

A trade show exhibit is a costly marketing expense, so you want to get the most out of your booth and stand out from other exhibitors in a unique way. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your trade show booth production:

  • Budget: What is your budget for your design and booth?
  • Space: How much space do you have to work with?
  • Design: What kind of booth design shows off your company and will attract attention? Can you design the booth layout and details in-house — or will you need to hire a professional trade show production company to help design the layout for you?
  • Production: How will you produce your booth and what materials will you use?

Think about these questions as you begin planning your trade show booth production. 

Here are some things to consider as you think about making your next trade show booth rock – and why hiring a team like Wired Production Group may be the best choice you’ll ever make!

The Quality Of Your Trade Show Booth Matters

Our team of event production professionals have worked on all types of tradeshows – in-person and virtual events

We’ve all seen the portable trade show booths — sometimes called “pop-up booths.” Yes, they are generally affordable, easy to transport and can be easy to setup, but if you’ve ever had one of them tip over on you (or the potential customers you’re talking to), you know how unstable they are. Plus, they simply don’t look as professional as an expertly designed booth by a trade show booth production company.

We can help design your booth layout or we can work with the booth design your team creates.

If you’re spending the money for a booth at a trade show, don’t you want to get the most out of your exhibit space – and the money you’re spending? You want your booth to stand out, don’t you?

For your next event, you may want to consider a custom-built booth like the ones we design and create for our clients. We will consult with you about your trade show and booth goals. If you’d like, we can either design the layout of the booth for you or we can work with your booth concept designs. Either way, we work in a consultative manner to ensure that you get exactly what you want. (And if you just want consultation services for your trades show event, we offer those consultation services, too!)

If you want to attract attention at the trade show, we will make sure your booth is eye-catching and unique. We use high-quality materials to produce your booth — like custom rigging, professional LED lighting that is strategically placed, LED screens and more! With careful planning, we help you create a trade show booth that helps you achieve success at your trade shows.

Hiring a professional event production company to help with trade show production is a great way to ensure success at your next event. We provide guidance on the best ways to produce and design your booth and event. Companies like ours have the experience and expertise to help you create a booth that meets your marketing needs and budget.

Rigging Helps Make Your Booth Sturdy, Creative And Stand Out

Chances are your booth can use rigging in your exhibition booth design to help make it stand out. As an experienced event and trade show booth setup and design company, we often recommend rigging for trade show booths.

Rigging is important in booth design because it makes your booth stand out so trade show visitors can find your booth from far away. It also gives your booth a larger and more stunning look. We can design rigging for almost any size booth layout.

Rigging also allows you to use all four sides for branding. So from any side, a potential visitor can see your company branding and what you represent.

Trade show booth rigging setup.

The height of the rigging of your booth is very important. Your booth trade show rigging should be the right height. If it is too high there will be a disconnect from the base structure. If it is too low, then your booth will feel “stunted” and people will feel uncomfortable standing underneath it. 

We will help you customize your rigging so it’s just the right size for your space.

Rigging is made from metal to ensure sturdiness and safety. Keep in mind that we can customize the rigging if you don’t like the “metal look.” We can custom set pieces around the rigging – like custom printing, custom foam, pipe and drape or even LED panels to give you the look and feel you want.

Rigging is made from metal to ensure sturdiness and safety. Keep in mind that we can customize the rigging if you don’t like the “metal look.” We can custom set pieces around the rigging – like custom printing, custom foam, pipe and drape or even LED panels to give you the look and feel you want.

We’ll help make the rigging bright and appealing so you attract people to your booth. We can even include LED lights focused on the rigging. This will enhance the look making your booth look even more attractive and catch more eyeballs. 

Trade show booth rigging shows branding on all four sides.

Rigging should be installed by a professional trade show booth design and production company. Our experienced team is happy to help you with your booth rigging.


Great LED Lighting Emphasizes Your Booth And Messaging

Lighting is important in any trade show booth design for two reasons. First, strategically placed lights highlight certain areas of your booth. Second, professional LED lights help make your booth look more attractive overall. Good lighting will make your trade show booth stand out and attract more visitors. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when lighting your trade show booth is that you should not go overboard with it. There is such thing as too much lighting! And too much light will be harsh. 

You should also consider the type of lighting you use. There are different types of trade show booth lights available. You should choose the lighting that best suits your needs. You can go for spotlights, track lights, recessed lights or LED lights. We LOVE LED lights when it comes to making your booth stand out.

Use LED Screens to Get Your Message Across 

LED screens are becoming increasingly popular in trade show booth designs because they offer a lot of benefits over traditional screens. LED screens are much brighter than traditional screens and this makes them more visible from a distance. This is especially important if your trade show booth is in a crowded area.

LED screens are also more energy-efficient than traditional screens and this means that you will not have to worry about your trade show electricity bill going up too high. Our team is focused on how we can create green events, like incorporating the use of LED technology.

We have LED screens available in a variety of sizes and shapes. This gives you the flexibility to choose the LED screens that best suits your trade show booth design. LED screens are easy to set up and take down and this makes them ideal for trade show booths.

The messages that you put on the LED screens are a great way to get your marketing ideas across to tradeshow attendees and helps grab attention. 

Corporate trade show with LED pillar display in center of trade show booth with loveseat style seating nearby

Get Creative With Your Videos

What you display on the LED screens is just as important as the quality of the LED screens themselves. Our clients almost always hire us to create videos for their trade show booths. We have years of experience with video production. As an award-winning video production company, we will create video messaging that gets your point across.

Consultation On Trade Show Booth Design and Video Marketing

Do you need help with ideas for your trade show booth design or video marketing for a trade show you’re planning? Our trade show consultation team can also help you plan your next trade show so that you stand out. With a team of creatives like ours, we are ready to collaborate with you on your next indoor or outdoor trade show design. We are available for consultations so you can take advantage of our years of experience in the trade show production industry.

Hire A Professional Trade Show Production Event Company For Your Next Event

If you want your trade show booth to stand out from the rest, then you should consider investing in rigging, lighting, LED screens and other ways to make your booth stand out. These things will not only make your booth look more attractive but will also help you attract more visitors. We will be with you from setup to teardown, including handling all the venue logistics. 

Contact our trade show production team today so we can help you get started on your next trade show event.

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