Doug Netolicky has followed the Wired Production Group company since Ron Rausch began his video production business in 1997. In May 2011, he joined the Wired Production Group team as the Vice President of Business Development with more than 20 years of diverse sales and marketing experience.

In his position, Doug is responsible for developing partnerships with our clients to produce the best events possible. He is in the driver’s seat for growth for Wired Production Group. Additionally, he develops event production plans with our sales and AV production teams. Doug works to exceed their expectations on every level. In other words, if our clients are happy, Doug is happy!

Doug is passionate about providing event production services on a local and regional level, but he also enjoys sending our AV production team to out-of-state events. In recent years, our company has grown exponentially and has the ability to travel anywhere in the world. Doug is always willing to make travel plans work to meet our clients’ needs. Where there is an event, we can be there!

As a leader in our company, one thing that is appreciated most about him is his open door policy. Doug is a firm believer in open communication. He is focused on helping our team grow — both personally and professionally. If there is a question, a concern or an idea that pops into your head, Doug will stop what he’s doing to discuss it with you. He is always willing to talk things out to achieve the best result in any scenario.

In his personal life, Doug is husband to Nancy, father to Tyler and Carlee, a collector of watches, a fan of Daft Punk and he enjoys supporting local coffee shops. He spends his evenings supporting his kids in their athletic careers. He is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, he currently serves on the board of a local credit union and enjoys traveling with his family.  

The Wired Production Group sales team sports “Team Doug” shirts around the office, but everyone in our company is truly #TeamDoug. Without Doug, we would not be where we are today. Thank you, Doug, for your dedication to Wired Production Group!


Here’s what others on our team have to say about Doug…

“Tenacious. Ambitious. Conscientious. Clever. Doug is all of these things — and more. He has the keen ability to ascertain clients’ needs, even when they themselves don’t know what they’re looking for. Doug sees to it that every customer gets the best production value possible and he helps everyone deliver the quality we’re known for.” – Eric Freese, Senior Editor/Videographer

Doug takes the guesswork out of production.  He always knows what’s needed and consistently gives options on ways we can make it better.” – Josh Busche, Director of Photograhy/Creative Producer

“Doug is a professional who cares very much about this company’s reputation, success and longevity.” – Mike Mennen, Sr. Production Manager

“His customer and market knowledge is amazing. He knows how to craft a winning value proposal for each customer.” – Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

Doug is hardworking and dedicated to our client’s success. He inspires our team to think creatively to meet our clients’ every need.” – Amanda Pierce, Client Account Manager

“Doug makes it exciting for our clients to want to work with us. He knows that they deserve the absolute best video and event production. He is dedicated to his job and his team. He is a good friend to everyone in the office.” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“Doug is a devoted family man. He is very involved with his two kids and their activities. He is also dedicated to the success of Wired Production Group and his team. I think he could sell ice to polar bears!” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“Doug understands that every new client brings us a new long-term relationship. It is always a delicate balance between doing things ‘right’ and getting a ‘well done.’ That’s where Doug’s perspective meets with the best of the best in sales and client development.” – Rob Silver, Production Specialist Engineer

“Doug always has our bottom line in mind and serious goals in sight. He is a sales professional through and through who works hard to make sure we’re meeting our clients needs and we’re fortunate to have him running our sales team.” – Aaron Wells, COO

“Doug and I have been friends for many years. I met him more than 25 years ago while he was selling phone service to the company I worked for at the time. Little did I know that someday he would be working with me to grow Wired Production Group into the company that it is today. The opportunity for Doug to join the team 7 years ago was one that has taken the company to new heights. Doug has a deep understanding of the importance of long-term relationships, growth and flawless execution. Teamwork and leadership skills come naturally to him. He has the passion to win without sacrificing integrity, quality and value. From qualifying leads to closing the sale, Doug never loses sight of the mission and vision of the company and the value we create for our customers. Doug is often the person out there touting his fellow employees’ talents, skills and creativity and telling our story. It is a pleasure to have him leading our company’s growth.” – Ron Rausch, CEO