What Does An Event Production Office Manager Do?

If you want to meet a rockstar event production office manager, meet our very own Kim Klein. Our Wired Production Group team is incredibly lucky to have the best of the best taking care of our office and our crew.

Kim is indispensable to our event production team. She holds a diverse but demanding position within our company. She handles everything from onboarding our new employees — everything from accounts receivable to payroll to transportation logistics to scheduling stagehands and beyond. She has the incredible ability to make chaotic things come together with ease. If you’ve worked with us in the past, you may know her as Kimmy K, Kimberley or Mama Bear. Kim wears many hats — and looks flawless wearing every single one!

Coming from an Air Force family, Kim does not have a “hometown.” She was born in Okinawa, Japan. She grew up and went to school in Salt Lake City, Utah, but she has spent the majority of her life in San Francisco, California. By some miracle, she moved to Iowa and raised her own family here. After her career in customer service, Kim took on the challenge as office manager when she started working for Nate Hines at 16th Avenue Music at the beginning of 2011. At the time, she was handling a staff of eight and she was managing freight in addition to her daily duties. Fast forward almost eight years to today, Kim is now managing almost 30 employees plus dozens of freelance event production specialists and stagehands. She has a connection to each and every one of our vendors. She is the strong and confident face of our company on many levels.

In addition to Kim’s unparalleled communication skills with our employees and vendors, Kim goes above and beyond to be reachable on a personal level for our team. If you work for her, she probably knows your birthday, your kid’s birthday and your dog’s birthday and also what flavor cake to bring for each celebration. She is compassionate and she is focused on making sure everyone is operating at 100% at all times.  

Not only is Kim loved by our Wired Production Group family, but she is very loved by her own. Kim has been married to her husband, Keith, for 24 years. She has a daughter, Ali, and a new son-in-law, Dustin. She is the proud dog mom of a happy German Shepard pup at home named Sammi. In her free time, she enjoys going to live music concerts, spending time around a bonfire with beverages and friends, and four-wheeling all around the Midwest. She is a serious fruit and vegetable gardener and can whip up a mean salsa with her fresh veggies.

We could start sharing in words how much we love and adore our Kimmy Klein, but our hands would get tired of typing after about 5,000 paragraphs. So know this, Kim, you are our rockstar! We would be so lost without you as the glue around here. Thank you so much for everything you do.

Here’s what others have to say about Kim…

“Mama Bear is one of a kind, sweet as can be with a no hooey attitude! Love her to pieces.” – Amanda Pierce, Client Account Manager

“Best office manager we could ask for.  Knows every stagehand in Iowa.” – Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

“Kim is the sticky glue that holds us all together…and keeps us in line! Personal, professional, always with a smile and positive attitude!’ – Billy Peifer, Operations Manager

“She is the office mom. She takes such good care of us, especially our crew when we are out on the road traveling.” – Bandi Arp, Warehouse Associate / Truck Driver

“Kim’s always on top of hotels and stagehands, and she makes the best salsa.” – Lance Lineburg, Audio Engineer

“She inspires me to smile every day, even when I don’t want to. Kim is passionate about what she does and she is loved by so many people. We love Kim!” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“The thing I find so lovely about Kim Klein is that she’s just so lovely! Kim makes homemade salsa with vegetables grown in her garden and brings it to work for everyone to enjoy.  That’s the kind of person we’re talking about here. And on top of that, the salsa is amazing.” – Josh Busche, Director of Photography / Creative Director

“Kim is absolutely the best. She is a total team player and is always available to help us out 24/7. She is our wizard behind the curtain making the magic happen!” – Mike Mennen, Sr. Production Manager

“Kim Klein is the den mother of our freelancers. She spends countless hours scheduling our contract labor force. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Kim is always in a good mood and shares a great smile around our office. I would consider her the master of multitasking. We are lucky to have her as a part of our team.” – Doug Netolicky, VP of Business Development

“Sometimes there’s a woman,  I won’t say a hero, ’cause, what’s a hero? But sometimes, there’s a woman. And I’m talkin’ about Kim here. Sometimes, there’s a woman, well, she’s the woman for her time and place. She fits right in there. Without Kim, WPG would come to a halting stop. Without Tito’s, Kim would come to a halting stop. For all the things that Kim does for us, she does them with grace and fervor and tremendous dedication. There might not be another soul here who cares more about our shared successes as Kim. Plus, she makes a mean salsa.” – Aaron Wells, COO

“Kim is so awesome. She is the momma bear of the office and she makes the best salsa. I can always count on her to keep everybody fed, paid and happy. From staffing our shows to making sure the crew has all of their travel booked, she keeps the office running as a well-oiled machine. I trust her to manage the day-to-day operations in the office. She is always finding ways to make us more efficient and to keep things moving forward. She is incredibly valued as a part of our team, and I am thankful every day to have her.” – Ron Rausch, CEO