Behind the Scenes with an Audio Engineer 

When it comes to technical event production, audio engineers are critical to creating the ultimate experience for guests. When you are attending any event, you want to hear everything that’s happening, right? From the emcee’s announcements to the live band backing up your favorite singer, you can’t enjoy the event if it doesn’t sound good. That’s where audio engineers come in to play. 

Audio engineers are trained sound professionals who do everything from setting up microphones to routing signals to testing the audio equipment to adding EQ to controlling the volume. You have to have a good ear to know what each type of voice, instrument, and noise is supposed to sound like, you need to be quick on your feet to come up with solutions, and it’s important that you understand how to multitask. Doesn’t sound so easy, does it? It’s a good thing we have Josh Leinen on our Wired Production Group crew! 

Josh came aboard Wired Production Group in September 2017. Prior to joining our work family, Josh called Ames, Iowa his home. He graduated from Iowa State University with a Masters degree in Music Technology. Josh owned his own freelance operation as an audio engineer. He primarily worked for clients within the state of Iowa to stay close to his family, but he also toured with country artist, Jake McVey. Josh also spent many years bartending in restaurants. Whether you want good sound or a good drink, this guy has a good mix for you! 

Josh is incredibly easy to get along with and puts his heart into every show he produces. He is incredibly talented and we always appreciate his calm, cool demeanor as he consistently displays his ability to control chaos, even during our busy season. When Josh isn’t at work, you can probably find him goofing around with friends, visiting his family, or binge watching Hulu and Netflix. Heads up: he’s still recovering from the series finale of Game of Thrones, so tread lightly in that topic of conversation. 

Thank you to Josh Leinen for keeping us sounding so awesome. We appreciate your commitment to our team and our clients. Keep up the good work!


Here’s what others have to say about Josh….

“Good with customers and has a great ear. Very conscientious and precise. He makes any room sound good.” – Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

“He’s a nice guy. He is always good for a laugh and I enjoy working with him.” – Amanda Snyder, Client Account Manager

“Sir Mix-A-Lot Leine has a great rapport among his peers. He never hesitates to help when he is asked. He always makes us laugh when he shows us puppy videos!” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“Josh is like the big brother that I never asked for, but I’m glad I got! He is definitely not a morning person, but he works hard from the moment he gets to the shop to the last road case is in the truck at the end of the day.” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“He’s alright, I guess!” – Jesse Snyder, Lighting Designer

“Everyone likes Josh. He’s motivated to grow his skills in our company. He’s focused on his audio engineering skills and his family.” – Bandi Arp, Warehouse Associate / Truck Driver

“Josh is always quick for a stagehand check. He gets it.” – Mary Beth Kunz, Production Manager

“Prepared, mindful and methodical are words that come to mind when reflecting on Josh and his contributions to Wired. Josh is always planning ahead for his shows and consistently brings suggestions and ideas to the table to improve our performance on site. Our clients consistently comment on Josh’s attentiveness to their needs and willingness to help out. I look forward to continuing to work with Josh and seeing him succeed at WPG.” – Aaron Wells, COO

“Josh is a great audio engineer who excels in the entertainment side of the house. He has picked up on all the latest technologies and always makes us sound good. He is a great addition to our team and works hard to make every show his best. Thanks, Josh, for all you do to make our ears perk up.” – Ron Rausch, CEO