A Day In The Life Of A Production Specialist Engineer

Since the early 1990s, Wired Production Group has been dedicated to providing the highest-quality video production services in Iowa and across the US. In the live events industry, we are proud to have four incredible production specialist engineers on our staff who take the live video at our events. From developing new LED displays for clients to directing our nationwide live streaming services to corporate video production and more, we never stop pushing the limits of what we do for our clients. Today, we’d like to share information about the newest addition to our video production team, Clayton Walters.

Clay joined our family in the summer of 2018 after years in the video production world. Before coming to our team, Clayton graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Media and a minor in Business Communications. In college, he was a sports and news videographer, editor, and reporter. After graduation, he worked as a video production specialist for the Quad Cities River Bandits and was a freelance video editor for the Dallas County Public Health Department.

Clayton is proficient in the Adobe Suite, which came in handy during his time working for Iowa Farmer Today, where he designed print, online, and promotional materials for the magazine. After five years in graphic design, he knew he had to return to his passion: video. In the last year at Wired Production Group, he has dedicated his time to improving his skills and continues to challenge himself daily. He has focused on his drone videography skills, LED technology techniques, and continues development of his live streaming service abilities. We are very lucky to have someone who has such a wide variety of experience on our crew!

Outside of work, Clayton and his wife, Monica, enjoy traveling. They have enjoyed many trips across the North Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Some of their adventures include Spain, England, Ireland, and Greece…all of which are filled with arts, food, wine, and checking out what the history of the world has to offer. When he’s closer to home, he spends time outdoors and volunteers with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. They are also the proud parents of one cat, Beau. 

Stay tuned for more adventures of Clayton Walters at Wired Production Group! We are very excited to continue to watch Clayton grow alongside our company for many years to come. Thank you, Clayton, for your hard work and dedication. 

Here’s what others have to say about Clayton Walters…

“From Day One, we all knew Clayton was a part of our WPG family. He’s goofy and fun, and he’s smart and engaged in his work. He is 100% willing to help me with whatever crazy projects I have up my sleeve. He is eager to learn new things and never hesitates to step up and take the lead. We need more Claytons in the world.” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“Clayton is genuinely one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He is a joy to have in the office! He is very proficient in his work and he takes his job very seriously. We like to hear about his travels around the globe when he has the spare time to chat!” – Kim Klein, Office Manager 

“Clayton is one of the most AMBITIOUS people I know. Without hesitation, he dives right in to any challenge, ready to lend a hand or brainstorm a solution. And he is a SPONGE; absorbing the details of our industry, learning the tools of the trade, adding to a quickly-growing list of skills (tech director, camera operator, live streaming tech, drone pilot, truck driver, jib operator, projection and LED engineer…and probably a dozen more by the time this blog is published).” – Eric Freese, Sr. Editor & Videographer

“Clayton’s can do attitude is a testament to his willingness to go above and beyond for the company and our clients. Thanks for all you do at Wired Productions!” – Doug Netolicky, VP of Business Development

“Clayton is a rock star! Aside from his amazing ‘hair flips,’ he is a tremendous asset to our video team. He is a consummate professional in any situation. He has nerves and patience of steel. He can and will do any job required to make our clients happy and satisfied. Clayton takes initiative and is driven to evolve, making him invaluable to our success.” – Mary Beth Kunz, Event Production Manager

“I can’t say enough good things about Clayton. He’s on time, he’s prepared, he’s willing to learn and he’s motivated. Clayton has the ambition indicative of successful people and he has exemplified that characteristic at Wired by taking on every challenge thrown at him with a positive attitude and a drive to perform. Clayton has exhibited an outstanding amount of personal growth within the company in the short time he’s been here and I look forward to his continued success here at Wired. Thanks, Clayton.” – Aaron Wells, COO

“Clayton joined our company a little over a year ago. He has been a great addition to the video team. He has grown so much in the last year, specifically in his abilities to be a leader and to take on whatever we throw at him. He is a true team player. No matter what the challenge is, he is willing and able to tackle it head-on. I am always amazed with his attitude and willingness to expand his knowledge. I am grateful for his efforts every day. I will continue to challenge him to grow with us into the future. Thank you, Clayton, for all you have done and will continue to do to grow our business. It’s people like you that make it fun to come to work every day.” – Ron Rausch, CEO