Choose the Right Theme for Your Business Meeting or Other Corporate Event

When developing your event management plan for your corporate meeting or conference, you want the event to reflect your brand. Think outside the box! Don’t get stuck with a generic theme that won’t fit your brand’s energy. Differentiate yourself from other business professionals with a creative event theme for your corporate conference this year. 

Spring Break

If you’re at a corporate conference, that’s not really a vacation – though it can be fun like one! Host a spring break themed conference for your attendees, complete with lounge chairs and beach umbrellas. You could certainly host your event at a hotel with an outdoor pool or perhaps nearby a local waterpark. 

Create a unique spring break theme for your event

After your daily activities, if guests aren’t interested in hitting the pool, you can bring the pool to them! Host a hospitality room complete with beachy tunes playing in the background, table tennis to play, and popsicles to snack on. Get creative and set up a DIY photo booth with fun spring break-themed props to use.

Go Green

By going green, you do everything that you can to make your event eco-friendly. Implementing these ideas can make a positive impact on your local environment – and also your brand. Consider hosting your event in a venue that has plenty of natural light. Save energy on lighting if the sun can take its place. 

Go green for your next corporate event or business meeting

You may also want to go paperless. Instead of printing your event handouts, you may want to look at utilizing an app or mobile-friendly website to distribute any necessary event information electronically. When you’re working on the lunch or dinner menu for your guests, don’t hesitate to find a caterer that offers reusable or biodegradable tableware. To avoid parking issues AND reduce carbon emissions, hire a transportation service or coordinate a ride share option for your guests. It makes sense to rent a few vans or hire a shuttle service, especially if you are chartering your guests from location to location. It’s a win for your event, win for your guests, and win for the environment! 

Mardi Gras

Hosting your corporate conference in New Orleans may be out of the question, but why not bring Bourbon Street to you? Host a festive cocktail hour with beads, masks, and a jazz band. Bring in an authentic New Orleans food caterer to make the Mardi Gras experience whole – even if it’s not really Fat Tuesday!  With servers on stilts and masked bartenders, the atmosphere is exciting for guests and the colors will keep your event space alive. 

Get creative with a mardi gras theme for your next corporate conference

Carnival Fun

Bring a nostalgic spring carnival theme to life for your guests! We can all remember how fun carnivals were as a kid. From the striped tents to the cotton candy to the games along the midway, the entertainment ideas are endless for your carnival-themed conference. You can host performers in-between your speakers to keep your attendees engaged. 

Don’t forget games to play with fun prizes to win! You can incorporate the games into your presentations or host a game night at the end of the day. There is also the option to incorporate these games into a fundraiser for your event or a local charity.