Live Streaming Overview in 2020

Live streaming has never been just a way to connect with your audience who is working from home. Live streaming is so much more than that! With this trend in video production growing at a rapid rate, the video professionals at Videomaker hosted a one-day virtual event with live speakers sharing all about why you should be live streaming and how to do it like a pro. 

Producing a Virtual Event is All About Adaptability

Our Director of LiveWired Streaming, Eric Freese, was excited to host a presentation at this virtual event for beginners to seasoned professionals with valuable insight. Eric proudly shared his wisdom in his feature titled, “Everything I Can Tell You About Live Streaming in 45 Minutes.”

The biggest takeaway from this presentation? Adaptability! Not only did Eric have to quickly adapt to his temporary space to create and prepare for this presentation, due to the derecho, but it’s also something that every single virtual and hybrid event needs to be focused on. Being adaptable is one of the best things a video production team can do to ensure their live streaming event is the absolute best it can be. No live streaming event is flawless, but every event is worth hosting! 

Watch The Videomaker Virtual Event Now

Just because you may have missed the live event doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Like we always say, re-use and re-share your content. Check out the presentation below! 

Thank you to Mike, Chris, and the whole crew at Videomaker for the opportunity to speak and share with the video production community. We look forward to your future virtual events!