COVID-19 Holiday Party Ideas For Event Planners

COVID-19 has totally changed the way we do “normal” things. As we look ahead to the holidays, we can assume that planning for holiday parties is going to be challenging. Thanks to the pandemic, holiday parties just won’t be the same. Our team of event experts are here with some holiday party ideas that will make your holiday events a little more special this year. 

Plan an Activity Instead of a Celebration

While in-person social gatherings are considered risky, they aren’t completely out of the question. To reduce the risks for guests, it is possible (and fun!) to plan an organized activity in place of your traditional holiday social. With required masks and social distancing, many event planners are opting for painting classes, mixology classes, or volunteer projects. 

Painting Class Instead of a Celebration

Holiday Parties Go Virtual 

If you’re considering playing it safe and asking your guests to participate in your holiday party from home, make it extra fun and not just another boring Zoom call.  Consider using an online platform for a virtual scavenger hunt. You can also try wine or whiskey tasting classes from home by arranging a gift package for guests to either pick up or have it delivered. You can also host a holiday meal “show-and-tell” on a video call or have attendees pick up a party package complete with decorations to enjoy as they celebrate at home. Any extra special touch makes the holiday activity even more fun! 

Break Into Small Groups 

Many companies that are too large to host company-wide holiday parties opt to celebrate by department or leadership teams. Or maybe your family is too large to safely bring everyone together in one house this holiday season. Consider breaking into smaller groups! Many local movie theatres can be rented out for special events and that gives smaller groups plenty of room to space out. If you’d want to avoid hanging out in public spaces, you can arrange a contactless store-bought cookie exchange. Tis the season for holiday sweets! 

Socially Distanced Dinner Party

One of the biggest features of any holiday celebration is food. Why not host a socially-distanced dinner party? If you have a set amount of attendees, you can rent out a large space to spread out your guests. It may be safe to schedule check-in times for guests to arrive in an organized manner and offer plated meals to avoid the risks of a buffet. 


If you’re looking for more than just a meal, it’s a great idea to have some type of entertainment. Consider bringing in a musical act, a local comedian, or perhaps a small acting group. While COVID-19 has drastically impacted the entertainment industry, it doesn’t mean they aren’t available and willing to adapt to put on an incredible performance for your guests — no matter how many guests you have. 

Celebrate Something Different

With the unknown of what’s yet to come between now and the end of 2020, it might be more fun to plan to celebrate something less traditional. Celebrate something totally different! Halloween will be here soon along with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Houseplant Appreciation Day, Valentine’s Day, a random Thursday…Celebrate whatever sounds interesting that’s NOT a traditional holiday celebration. Unique is a common word to describe this year, so why not run with it? Your guests will appreciate the humor and opportunity to celebrate something new. 

Celebrate A Random Holiday

Save Time, Give Money

It may make the most sense to take no chances and skip the big parties this year. In lieu of spending money on a traditional holiday event, opt to donate your holiday party budget to a nonprofit organization that is important to your community. Every penny helps, especially close to the end of the year and around the holidays and during times when most nonprofits can’t hold in-person fundraising events due to COVID restrictions. Make the donation in honor of each of your employee’s names to make it extra special.

Even though COVID may make your holiday party planning more challenging, you do have a variety of options to choose from to make your festivities fun! Need some additional ideas? Contact our team of event professionals. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season.