I was reading BizBash yesterday, one of my favorite event publications, and found an interesting article on the future of event design. This article struck a cord with me, not just as someone who designs events, but also from the perspective of a company heavily invested in the technology side of events as well. As predicted in this article, technology and event design will become even more intricately combined, and it’s exciting for both planners and guests alike.

They say you remember the first and last impressions best, and the two points beginning and ending the article are what stuck with me. Starting off her list, Michele predicts “Technology will be ubiquitous”. Technology will be incorporated further into the event to deliver experience instead of merely messages, using projection and video sources. I especially love the photo she chose, showing you can do more with video projection than Powerpoint, it can transform the whole space.

The article highlights five other areas you will see grow in the next 10 years, and lands on “The live experience will always be key”. This point particularly rang true as it’s something we work on daily. “Despite the technological innovations and food trends, the goal of an event- bringing people together- will continue to remain.” Whether its our client experience that we are focused on, or their guests, we continually put ourselves in their shoes and ask ourselves what the show looks like from the other side of the curtain.

All of the predictions in the article point to one thing- the event industry is going to continue to push the envelope. With the mesh of creative and technology, plus a demand from guests to see more and see ‘different’, we will have the opportunity to use our equipment and ideas in ways no one expected.

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