Wired Production Group Team Member Highlight: Aaron Wells

This month, we would like to share a little bit of information and appreciation for our Wired Production Group Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Wells.

*insert epic drum solo here*

Aaron joined the Wired Production Group team as an audio engineer in January 2015. Since his original start date, Aaron has been promoted to Technical Production Coordinator, and he now holds the position of Chief Operating Officer. His unparalleled organizational skills, talent behind the scenes, and dedication to his team do not go unnoticed. When he was hired by Nate Hines, he noted on his resume that he was “easy on the eyes.” Well, it stuck as he answers to “Easy A” around the office. (And he’s not too bad to work with either.)

Before 16th Avenue Music and Rausch Productions formally merged in January 2016, Aaron came to work every day at the 16th Avenue Music office. It was obvious that he enjoyed his time testing out the audio equipment, assisting clients with their event production logistics, and engaging with his co-workers. When the two companies merged, Aaron was motivated to grow them into one singular venture with more work in the live event production field. He is a prime example of a team player and encourages unity and growth within our company.

Aaron spends a lot of time building relationships with our clients on the pre-production side. He is always looking to get the best result, whether it be a small show in a college auditorium or a live concert hosting over 30,000 in attendance. He is motivated to show our clients what Wired Production Group can truly do to enhance their events. In addition, he is committed to making sure that our technicians are excited to come to work and they are ready to go when they hit the road.

While he calls the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City area home, he has worked all across the United States. He has experience in a variety of fields, but has always come back to what is his true passion: music. When Aaron is not working around the office or on a show, you can find him binge watching Netflix or reading by the fire at Java House.

Things we love about Aaron Wells:

– His “get it done” attitude is always apparent.

– He truly cares about his team.

– He never hesitates to ask questions to best understand exactly what our clients need.

– Everyone in the office has to carry around a dictionary to keep up with his extensive vocabulary.

– We can hear him coming, no matter where he’s at in the office, with his abnormal amount of keys on his keychain. (Maybe he stole them from a janitor? We may never know…)

We know we can always count on Aaron, and we can’t tell him how much we appreciate his dedication to our company.

Congratulations on your recent promotion. Thank you for all you do at Wired Production Group, Aaron! We are proud to have you as a part of the Wired Production Group family.



Here’s what others have to say about Aaron Wells…

“He’s upbeat, energetic, an always ‘on’ persona. Very approachable and ready to work and problem solve. Team player who is also a good listener. Makes a perfect gin and tonic and is ‘Easy on the eyes!’ (His words from his actual job application)” – Billy Peifer, Operations Manager

“Professional, knowledgeable with a strong customer focus.  Knows the market and the technology; designs innovative and cost effective solutions.” -Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

When Wells is involved with an event, you can be assured that all aspects of production have been thoughtfully considered. Aaron is always quick to react when a problem arises, and he works to ensure that the chosen solution is the best one possible.” – Ian Miller, Audio Engineer

“Wells makes work fun. Organized, spastic, but truly great at what he does. And it’s okay Wells… Everyone needs help breaking feeder every once in a while :)” – Jesse Snyder, Lighting Designer

“What can I say about Wellsy? Drummer at heart, started out as an audio engineer a few years back and we have watched him grow and progress into a great leader. He is respected by his colleagues and our clients. Aaron is definitely a doer and doesn’t buckle under pressure. Whether he is working at a show or advancing a show, he wears many hats throughout the day and is very “Easy A” going! Congrats on the latest promotion to Chief Operating Officer — well deserved!” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“Wells is impressive. He is insanely smart and truly dedicated to his work. He is friendly with everyone and works hard for our clients and our staff.” – Amanda Pierce, Client Account Manager

“When Aaron came on board, it was evident immediately that he was a great fit for our group.  Aaron’s intellectual curiosity and work ethic not only drive his growth and contributions to our goals, but also creates a positive atmosphere that elevates others around him.  Aaron’s love of music is apparent in his approach to production work.  His musical understanding allows him to approach production from a unique perspective.  Aaron has embraced his management responsibilities and puts the same effort and attention to detail whether in the office or on the stage.  Very talented, hard working, great sense of humor, ‘easy on the eyes’ (ha ha)… you have to like this guy!” – Nate Hines, Executive Vice President

“When I first started working with Aaron, I knew he had what it takes to be a leader. He goes 100 miles per hour without missing a beat and works with passion and a sense of purpose. Aaron has built great relationships with our staff and customers. As the Chief Operating Officer for Wired, his understanding of strategy and relationships will help us launch into the next phase of growth. Aaron has a ‘what it takes to win’ mentality without sacrificing quality or our values. He is great at juggling multiple projects and always makes our customers and staff feel that they are important and valued. I am thankful to have him leading our operations.” – Ron Rausch, President/CEO