7 Cool Technologies You Should Have At Your Next Event, Conference or Tradeshow Booth

If you’re an event planner or oversee tradeshows and conferences at your company, you probably spend a lot of time and money on the events you host or the tradeshows or conferences where you exhibit. When you spend so much time, money and effort on an event, you want to make a BIG impact on the attendees. Grabbing attendees’ attention is one of the best ways to get traffic to your booth, start a conversation, and get new leads.

There are some amazing technologies that you should consider adding to your next meeting, conference, tradeshow, or event – these gadgets and technologies will engage the attendees and help make your next show a success!

The Padzilla

If you want to grab people’s attention as they walk through busy and crowded aisles at a tradeshow, the Padzilla will do just that. The 55″ iPad display “Padzilla” will take your event to the next level. The Padzilla works just like a giant iPad, including a home button, volume control, camera and touch screen display. The screen has the same functionality as a normal iPad. (Just think of it as super-sizing your iPad’s interactive experience.) Padzilla is the world’s largest iPad accessory and customizing it for your event is a breeze! To set up the Padzilla, simply connect your iPad and you’re ready to go! The giant screen can even be rotated for vertical and horizontal screen usage at your event.

You can easily mount it for display at any conference, tradeshow booth or private event. Use it to display your company’s photos, product videos or even have some fun and let your visitors play games on it! Yep. Simply download any app from the Apple app store and you can view and interact with the app right on the giant Padzilla.

Now, if you’re hosting a tradeshow or event and have created a mobile app for the show, open up the app on Padzilla and put it in a central location so people can easily use the Padzilla to see a map of the event to find meeting rooms, figure out what presentation they want to go to next or when (and where) the after-hour party is at!

Social Wall

User-created content is a very effective marketing strategy at events – it makes people feel as if they’re part of something, and people get excited when they see their content up on a big screen. A Social Wall displays user-generated online content that’s related to your event. (An example would be showing a live feed of people’s tweets when they use your event’s hashtag.) This popular engagement tool makes events more interactive for attendees and those following your business and event online.

The Social Wall display allows you to show off real-time, user-generated content from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. At your event, encourage people to make posts or tweet about the event, speakers and sessions using your event’s hashtag. Your audience will become more engaged through the interactive display. They’ll find it exciting to see their post or tweet on the “big screen.” You can create a custom stream that displays your content in real-time with all relevant posts. This stream can be branded with your logo and colors and it will display all content via your @user account and related #hashtags. You will want to have a social media moderator there to manage and respond to the live social stream to ensure that the stream is on-brand for your business.

Social Media Wall Displays User-Generated Content In Real Time At Live Events

LED Video Walls

LED video walls make every seat the best seat in the house. LED walls bring clarity and vibrancy to any event. With their customizable features, a video wall can be constructed and personalized based on your event’s needs. You can build LED big screens of almost any size and shape. However, when you are looking for an LED Video Wall event company to hire, make sure you go with one that guarantees that the set design will provide high-quality visual communication and be sure they’re able to tailor all of the LED screens specifically to your event.  

With LED video walls you’ll wow your audience with the best in LED technology and give them an experience they won’t forget.

LED Displays and "jumbotrons" Can Help Keep Your Audience Engaged


Projection Mapping

Projection mapping (AKA video mapping) is a creative way to use everyday projectors to build the ultimate visual experience! Instead of projecting your message or images on a flat screen, the light is mapped onto any surface. Projection mapping turns common 3D objects into a dynamic display. Add projection mapping into your next grand opening, award ceremony or product launch with the use of buildings, indoor surfaces or stage setups.

Live Event Polling

Get your attendees involved with Live Event Polling. Set up your interactive polling in any venue for any presentation. Think seminars, workshops, conferences, classrooms…you name it. Creating a Live Event Poll involves three steps: ask a question, collect anonymous live responses and see instant results on the big screen! Before your event, brainstorm with your team to come up with a list of questions to ask your audience – ones that will intrigue and impress them. Once you have the questions, have your event management company set up the live event polling system for you. Your audience can respond online or via text message.

Not only is this a fun way to get your attendees involved and engaged, but you will gather insights in real-time that you can show at your event. After your event, all the information gathered can be downloaded for you to analyze and share with your team. How cool is that?!

Bluetooth Beacons

You can use Bluetooth Beacons to make any event more interactive. Install beacons in your booth and when attendees pass by, depending on the features and software, you can collect certain information about them through Bluetooth-enabled device. You can also use Bluetooth Beacons to engage with the attendees on the spot by offering special discounts, letting them know your booth number, let them know about a contest you’re having, etc.

There are a lot of Bluetooth Beacon manufacturers and software solutions – do your research before your next event.

Social Wi-Fi Hotspots

Everyone LOVES free Wi-Fi! Social Wi-Fi Hotspots are Wi-Fi modems that you install at your booth. Simply connect the social Wi-Fi router to your internet modem and set up a unique SSID (the name of your Wi-Fi connection – typically something like “Free Wi-Fi Your Business Name and Booth Number.”)

At conferences and tradeshows, people don’t want to use their data, they want free Wi-Fi. When people are walking around the exhibits, they will check to see what Wi-Fi options are available and they’ll see your free Wi-Fi. They can then log in using their email or social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.).

Once they connect to your social Wi-Fi hotspot, they have granted you permission to market to them. That means you can reach out to them at the event or afterwards. This social Wi-Fi hotspots are a great way to let attendees know about contests you’re running at your booth, product information and more. Plus, you’ll be able to see detailed information about each person through the social media channel they logged in with. It’s amazing!



There are dozens of ways to engage your attendees, but these fun options will get you started. Let’s connect and start brainstorming how Wired Production Group can make your next event your best event yet. With more than 20 years of experience in event management, live event productions, video production, special events, and LED technology, we understand the event industry, inside and out, and we look forward to helping you with your next event! Give us a call today: (319) 294-9410.