Wired Production Group Team Member Highlight: Rob Silver


Once upon a time in the city of Cedar Rapids, there was a man named Rob Silver. Rob has the title of Production Specialist Engineer at Wired Production Group and does many impressive things in the video production world. He has been with the Wired Production Group team since Rausch Productions started in Ron Rausch’s basement, so he’s seen a lot of changes and growth in the company! He has been with us through thick and thin, and we can’t imagine doing business without him.

He is a man of talent and passion for video production. He picked up his first video camera (a RCA VHS — like the one seen in “Back To The Future”) at a young age and he’s been carrying a video camera around ever since. Rob loves working with any and all cameras because he “gets to make people look good.” He never hesitates to take on a traveling show or work one-on-one with our clients. His personal touch on each show is important to our clients, and it’s important to him as a person. He loves making people happy and he is great at it!

Rob Silver is known around the office as RockIt (because he totally rocks!) , but answers to just about anything when assistance is needed. He gets along with anyone and everyone and always makes our team smile — even when the pressure is on at our live events.

Outside of work, Rob spends time with his wife and son, and he enjoys frequenting local venues for live music and entertainment. He has traveled to many concerts across the United States and enjoys working video for concerts that we produce. A few performances that he has on his “wish list” include Broken Bells, The Shins and Cold War Kids.

All-in-all, we think Rob’s pretty awesome, and you should, too. Thanks for being such an important part of the Wired Production Group team, RockIt. YOU ROCK!


Here’s what others have to say about Rob Silver…

“Mr. Silver is always there to brighten your day with a big hug and smile!” – Amanda Pierce, Client Account Manager

“When I started with the Wired Production Group team, Rob was one of the first people to really teach me about the company. He is a brilliant example of what our company represents: dedication to our clients, passion for our work and we are one big family.” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“ROCKIT! He has definitely earned his name because he rocks everything he does!  His passion and dedication to his work does not go unnoticed. He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He even helps us with kitchen duties and always seems to be there when we need a door opened with full arms! We love you, Rockit!” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“Rob always goes out of his way to make sure everyone is taken care of on a show. I always appreciate him taking the time to show me a new piece of equipment or a more effective way to get things done!” – Will Kisner, Production Specialist Engineer

“Rob is one of the hardest working people I know. His breadth of experience is vast and he’s often the go-to guy for almost any service we provide. Rob is kind and conscientious and his desire to go the extra mile is eclipsed only by his humility. “ – Eric Freese, Senior Editor & Videographer

“Rob Silver = The Dude…His Dudeness…El Duderino. 100% Team Player and the guy you love to have on your team.” – Mike Mennen, Sr. Production Manager

“Rob Silver is my third favorite Silver! After his wife, India, and son, Dylan, who are just AWESOME! So really his name should be Rob Bronze! Just kidding…but seriously — if you looked up AWESOME in my dictionary, it would define awesome…because it’s a dictionary, but you’d also find a picture of Rob, a guy whose amazing attitude is only surpassed by his amazing talents. A great team player who is always ‘ON!’ The kind of guy you want in your corner and on your team. He is also a great friend.” – Billy Peifer, Operations Manager

“It’s never a boring day when you get to work with your best friend!” – Marcus Soukup, Production Specialist Engineer

“Rob exemplifies the can do attitude! He goes above and beyond in exceeding our customers expectations.” – Doug Netolicky, VP of Business Development

“Rob has been with me almost since the beginning of the company — he was my second hire. Rob is one of the pillars of the company. His great work ethic and ‘get it done’ attitude has helped make our company successful all these years. Rob has developed many talents over the years from Cameraman to Jib Operator to Projectionist, LED Tech, Technical Director…and the list goes on. Rob often shines at concerts when he is in his element as he loves music and is an avid collector of all types. When on the road, he always finds time to visit the local music store and find something new to bring back. He has built many long relationships with our customers and often they request his presence on projects. He always represents us with pride and ownership in the events he is working on. I know when he is on a job that he will give 100 percent every time and make it happen. I want to thank him for all he has done and will do to make us successful. Thank you for your commitment all these years and to many more. Cheers!” – Ron Rausch, CEO