How to Pull Off Planning and Putting on a Political Event


When an election cycle hits, political candidates are on the road constantly. Politicians travel locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally for a variety of special political events.

For successful politicians, it’s all about image. A political candidate’s schedule is erratic because they have to be where votes are needed. That often means that events are scheduled at a moment’s notice, so it’s important to be able to put an event together quickly — and professionally.

When political figures start planning their events, they typically have a team of advisors in place to handle all the logistics, but they don’t always have a technical producer on staff. That’s why it’s important to have one technical point-of-contact for any type of event production — especially for political events. That means the political team should find a local production team that can set up at the venue quickly and professionally. That event production company can work directly with the campaign coordinators to give the candidate exactly what they’re looking for from their event.

No Political Event Is “Typical”

There is no “ordinary” political event production. There are all types of political events: political rallies, press conferences, campaign stops, debates, political fundraisers and more. Because of the variety of political events, there is not a “typical” setup when it comes to AV production for political events. Because each political event is different, it takes expert knowledge, flexibility, extreme attention to detail and the ability to adapt to last-minute changes.

Political Rally Event

The most important thing about a political event production is perception. It’s important to use the venue and equipment to make the political figure look professional. You want to plan for the best staging so the candidate is presented properly in front of the crowd, the best audio so they can be heard even in the back of the room and the best video production set-up so they can be seen (this can even include putting on-site video onto LED video walls or a video feed streaming live online so anyone of interest can watch on the internet.)

Political Event Staging Is Important

Most event production companies can provide your political team with a technical production coordinator or a client account manager to assist with making sure that your special political event is staged just right for the audience. Make sure you find the right team for your next political event!