Drone Aerial Footage Video Can Help Show Off Your Business And Get More Customers


More than 90% of consumers watched video last week, and 70% say that videos help them to make a purchasing decision. That means when potential customers are using a search engine to look for a business or product, they need to see video about your company.

With video marketing being a top marketing strategy, video production professionals are looking for creative, innovative ways for clients to see their message. One video marketing concept that grabs viewers’ attention is drone aerial videography.

Drone video shot of Dubuque, Iowa by Wired Production Group

Drone (also known as unmanned aircraft system or UAS) aerial video and photography has grown in popularity in the video production and marketing world. Video production companies are working to certify producers to use drones to capture aerial footage. This type of aerial footage is affordable and can help clients’ video make an impactful message.


Many Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Drone Footage

Many types of businesses and organizations can benefit from drone aerial video footage:

 – Large Corporations

 – Local Businesses

 – City Parks and Tourist Attractions

 – Residential Realtors

 – City Parks and Tourist Attractions

 – Agriculture Businesses and Farms

The types of businesses and organizations that can benefit from using drone video footage are truly limitless. Any business that wants to show off their location can do that by using a drone video!

Meth-Wick Assisted Living, Cedar Rapids, IA, Drone Aerial Footage

Meth-Wick Assisted Living does a great job of using drone aerial footage to show off their business.


Planning Ahead For Your Drone Video

When making a drone video, it’s important to map out the “story” and marketing message before going airborne and shooting the video. It can take some time to develop and plan out the various shots and angles that you want to record before the drone is sent up in the air. Drone aerial video allows you to place a camera in an otherwise difficult, inaccessible or unsafe position. In some situations, it can do the work of a camera crane, with less setup time and greater maneuverability. Be sure your video producers collaborate with the client about their ideas so you can produce natural footage that allows your video editors to develop and finalize a masterpiece.



Hire a Professional

In today’s world, virtually anyone can buy a drone, but you want your business’ video to be produced safely and be high quality. It’s crucial that you work with a team that is fully licensed and insured. Be sure to do your homework and find a professional video production company with a lot of experience with drone aerial footage filming experience. When you work with a professional video production team, you can also buy the footage — that means you own the footage and can use it for a variety of marketing and promotional purposes and are not limited to licensing agreements.

When you are thinking of creative ways to use video marketing, consider drone aerial videography. It’s one of the best ways to increase video production values and capture viewers’ attention. It’s affordable for most budgets and visually shares the message from an angle that not everyone sees on a regular basis.

Make your video production extraordinary while staying within a budget with drone aerial video footage!

FACT: Eric Freese and Josh Busche of Wired Production Group are directors and cinematographers with years of experience in addition to being FAA Part 107 Certified UAS pilots. Wired Production Group is fully licensed and insured to produce aerial photos and videos with unmanned aircraft systems.