Don’t Overdo The Christmas Traditions, Try Something New This Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here and it’s time to put on your event planning hat to make plans for this year’s big party. You’ve done ugly sweaters, you’ve done the white elephant gift exchange, you’ve done the photo booths… It’s time to get creative and try something new! Here are 5 creative holiday party ideas for your network this season.

Go Bold and Bright

The classic red and green color scheme has been around for decades. It’s a safe bet for all holiday parties, but what’s the fun in that? Change it up with bold colors at your celebration. Try black and silver with a bright accent color or decorate in gold and white for something a little more soothing. Add a little uplighting in your venue to make your colors pop. Avoid the cliche color patterns and catch your guests attention with something non-traditional.


Take a Look Back on the Year Behind You

At the end of the year, it’s a great opportunity to create new memories for the new year, but it’s also a time to reflect on the past 12 months. Set up big screen TVs or a projector screens with a slideshow looped of various photos and videos of you and your friends or staff from the last year. It’s always fun to look back and reminisce. Take advantage of your time enjoying the moment and set up a video booth to capture memories from this party, and you can bring them out over the next 12 months for some good laughs, too.


Jingle Bells in January

Everyone is cramming in all their year-end celebrations and Christmas dinners during the month of January. Don’t stress everyone out by squeezing your party in between all the others. Keep the winter holidays going during the month of January! Host a holiday mixer or swanky sit-down dinner mid- to late-January to keep away the winter blues. Event venues will likely be more available for holiday parties after January 1st, too. It’s a win-win!

Spread the Gift of Giving

Host a lunch hour where you get together and package holiday meals for families in need in your community. Gather empty boxes, have your group bring in non-perishable food items like stuffing, gravy mix, pie mixes, canned vegetables, canned yams, and maybe even gift cards to local grocery stores, then coordinate assembly lines to organize the boxes. Not sure where to donate to? Connect with United Way and they will find a community near you that is in need of holiday support.

Decorate With Desserts (Or Other Dishes)

Don’t spend big money on holiday centerpieces when you can decorate your tables with food! Consider small cakes, dessert platters, dips, pre-made drinks, or other finger foods at the center of each table. It’s dual-purpose: the food options will look appealing and they will be enjoyed more than a plant or decorated wine bottle by your guests. And because…well, food! People love food.