Why Is Event Branding Important? Learn What You Need to Know to Brand Your Next Event

Whether you’re hosting an event of your own or you are the keynote speaker at a big event, you want to share your brand in the best way. There are so many things to think about when you brand your event. Here are a few important things to think about when you get started.

Why Should You Brand Your Event?

It’s simple really: you should brand your event to make it recognizable. You’ve heard of San Diego Comic-Con, the Country Music Awards (CMAs) and the Super Bowl; right? They all started small and grew over time with their brand evolving right along with them. The brand that you portray helps develop a connection between you and the attendees, both mentally and emotionally. The logo, the decor, the signage, the #hashtag — these are all pieces of the brand identity and these pieces help create loyalty as you market your event to your audience.


When Should You Start Branding Your Event?

You want to start branding your event when people are spending their hard-earned money to pay to attend your event or when they take time out of their day to attend. Hint: This means you should ALWAYS brand your event.


How Do You Brand Your Event?

When you brand your event, start with the basics. What is your brand name? What is your message? What visuals represent your event? Develop a creative, unique, yet identifiable name and logo with colors to compliment your event message. It also helps to have your biggest supporters, including both fans and sponsors, start sharing these branded pieces as soon as you are ready to launch.

Once you have your basics covered, take things a step farther. Move your event’s brand images and wording to your website, social media and whatever other types of media avenues you will be using to attract your target audience. Create content for your event with your event’s brand, like folders, pens, name badges, signage and other promotional items. These items are typically low-cost and can be used at your event, too. Don’t waste money on “swag” that holds no purpose for attendees. If you’re up for being creative with your budget, consider t-shirts, custom cookies or cupcakes, logo’ed gobo lights for the venue, or a custom sponsor and brand backdrop for your stage or registration area.

Always Be Branding

Use your event branding efforts to communicate your message and build the relationship between your attendees and your event before, during and after your event. Make your event branding marketing efforts work for you to help grow your event’s brand so you will build an event that will grow in future.