Production Specialist Engineers: Learn What Goes On Behind The Scenes At Live Events

We like to show off the hard work of our employees at Wired Production Group. This month we’re featuring one of our hard-working Production Specialist Engineers, Marcus Soukup.

Here’s a song about our Marcus:

In West Cedar Rapids, he was raised, behind a camera is where he spends most of his days. Chillin’ and relaxin’ and actin’ all cool. Just shootin’ some video after high school.

He’s always with the guys, workin’ together real good. They’re travelin’ from neighborhood to neighborhood.

He’s got one good attitude and he’s a cool dude. Keep up the good work around Wired Pro Group!

While we hope that you enjoyed the above lyrics that can be sung along to the tune of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” we’d like you to know that Marcus is one-of-a-kind — just like that song.

Marcus started working with our Wired Production Group crew as a freelancer in 2009. His talent for video production was obvious, and he joined the team officially as a Production Specialist Engineer in May 2017.

Before his employment with our crazy crew, Marcus graduated from Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids, then obtained his bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts/Media from Loras College in Dubuque. His passion for television and video production began long before joining us. He started shooting video in high school, he continued into college, and his talent led him to where he is today. His experience working with video production companies across the Midwest brings much variety to his skillset, including everything from sports television to weddings to corporate marketing pieces. His eye for the perfect shot is wicked impressive!

When Marcus isn’t working, you can likely find him traveling somewhere exotic or hitting the slopes wherever there is snow. He is passionate about his home state of Iowa, but never turns down an adventure. He probably has his friends or family with him as he’s always surrounded with good company. He’s a giant goofball that really knows his stuff, and we’re very fortunate to have him in our WPG family.

Here’s what others have to say about Marcus…

“Whether it’s his solutions to production challenges, insights on current events, or sense of humor, Marcus is one of the most clever people I know.” – Eric Freese, Sr. Editor & Videographer

“Marcus is a triple threat, hard working, knowledgeable and fun.  He’s also the guy you call at 4am when you need bailed out of jail and you’re too scared to call your wife.” – Josh Busche, Director of Photography & Creative Producer

“He gets along with everyone. He’s one good guy! We’ll keep him.” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“Marcus has this great combo of busting his butt during strike and still being up for a drink after…. He’s alright, I guess.” – Lance Lineburg, Audio Engineer

“Marcus gets problems solved, gets the job done right and then a has good chuckle.” – Clayton Walters, Production Specialist Engineer

“‘If’ is the middle word in life. ‘Or’ is the middle word in work. ‘Alan’ is the middle word in Balance. Marcus fits in there somewhere. It’s like working with your best friend everyday!” – Rob Silver, Production Specialist Engineer

I’ll never forget when I first met brother Marcus. I was working freelance for WPG at the time. I showed up on-site at 8:00 when the call time was 9:30. He said, ‘Congrats. You’re an hour and a half early.’ It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship! He has shown me the ways of the technician ever since.” – Will Kisner, Production Specialist Engineer

“Marcus Soukup = James Dean of the Group.” – Mike Mennen, Sr. Production Manager

“He is an incredibly hard worker! He’s dedicated to his job and his peers. He’s always got your back, and he is always smiling. Marcus, I love you…. Turn in your receipts.” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words (see his staff photo)! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marcus on several shows and events. He always goes above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. Marcus is a wiz at making last-minute requests seem like no big deal. Thanks for always bringing your ‘A’ game Marcus. You’re a valuable asset to the Wired Production Group team.” – Doug Netolicky, VP of Business Development

“Although he’s relatively new to the WPG crew, Marcus has quickly become a leader in the video department. I lean on him to provide technical expertise and advice for a range of applications, company-wide. In addition to his strong technical skills and willingness to bring success to the company, Marcus consistently creates around him an atmosphere of light-hearted fun, which builds morale with the team and keeps us all smiling, even under stress. I can tell he is concerned with making WPG a better place to work for everyone, and I’m sure he will continue to grow within the company and become a leader in all that he does. Thanks, Marcus.” – Aaron Wells, COO

“Marcus is the master of ‘figure it out.’ If you give him a challenge, he will solve the problem. Marcus started out with our team many years ago as a freelancer. He has sharpened his skills on all types of events over the years and he has been a great addition to the team. I can always count on him to come up with ideas to make things different, new, and exciting for us and our clients. As a talented shooter, director, LED tech, and editor, he can bring all of his skills together to make our events stand out from the competition. What I love most about him is that he is never afraid to dive in and learn new things to take our shows to the next level. He has a passion for this business. His positive attitude is seen by fellow staffers and customers every day. I am thankful to have him as part of the team.” – Ron Rausch, CEO