A Message from the CEO of Wired Production Group, Ron Rausch


As we move into 2019, I want to take a moment to reflect on our successes of 2018.

What a great year for Wired Production Group. We truly have an incredible group of people who are dedicated to our customers. They can bring out the best in every event we participate in.  We have continued to make substantial investments in new innovative technologies. When paired with a mix of our seasoned and new staff members with fresh ideas, this combination will move us into the future of production support.  I am so thankful for our staff’s ideas, their long hours, and their sacrifices for the company this past year.

Together, we have worked in over 18 states, added 60 new customer relationships, and have been fortunate enough to maintain and strengthen our existing relationships with our legacy customers.

To our customers: I can’t thank you enough for your trust in us this past year and for understanding the value that we provide to you and your projects.  We strive every day to put our best foot forward in making sure that your success will lead to our success.

This past year, we have worked with many local and regional non-profit organizations and partnerships that enhance our community and give back to those in need.  This is a passion for our employees and we promise that this will continue for years to come to make our community better for all who live and work here.

As we venture into 2019, I am thankful for what 2018 has given us. I am excited to continue our journey with our family of staff, customers, and community to bring new creative ideas and technology to the table and strengthen our relationships for many years to come.

My challenge to all of you is to please challenge us.  Please bring new ideas and events to the table so we can continue to show you our true potential as the best partner in video production, entertainment, and corporate production support.

Thank you again, and please have a safe and prosperous 2019!

Ron Rausch


Wired Production Group