What It Takes To Be An Audio Engineer: Ask The Professionals

In the event industry, it is often times said that good audio can make a performance and bad audio can break it. This pressure lies on the the shoulders of live audio engineers. Wired Production Group is proud to have audio engineer, Lance Lineburg, as part of our crew. Since 2016, Lance has been an integral part of our event production crew. As an audio engineer, it is critical that you have a good ear for sound, you can think fast, and you have the expert ability to multitask. Lance has all these abilities and more.

Since a young age, Lance has been involved in his community on the audio side of things. He spent time in his hometown of Mount Vernon, Iowa setting up and running audio equipment for different organizations’ events. He transferred those skills into his first role as an audio engineer right out of high school. After a few years of gaining the basic skills and educating himself on the details of the art form (yes — he is self-taught in the audio world!), Lance was hired by Nate Hines at 16th Avenue Music. Lance jumped right in during the busy season to help make our team successful, and he has never stopped since.

Lance is a technical genius. He desires to know the “why” behind everything — audio-related and otherwise. He is never one to sit still or take a break as he is dedicated to work until the job is done. Even on his days off, he can’t stay away from the shop. Lance is incredibly eager to learn new things and accept any challenge that may face our team. This is most helpful to our team when we are supporting events with a lot of changes throughout the run-of-show or events where traveling is involved. He always keeps his cool in stressful situations and looks for solutions to make our clients’ shows the best shows.

When Lance is not working, he is binge watching his favorite TV shows and spending time with family.  He is what we call a “workaholic” so it’s very rare that he is actually taking time for himself. If you catch him taking a break, let him! He more than deserves it. Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to the success of our team, Lance. We appreciate you!

Here’s what others have to say about Lance Lineburg…

“Smartest tech I have ever met.” – Bruce Bingman, Client Account Manager

“He is always there to help. It doesn’t matter what it’s for. If you ask Lance, he will take care of it.” – Amanda Pierce, Client Account Manager

“He makes you laugh, he makes you think, and he makes you smile. He is a really good guy.” – Nicole Schroeder, Marketing Project Coordinator

“Lance is always up for a challenge and challenging others to up their game as well. It’s cool to see him in action. He’s a sound engineer but he’s not all bad. He likes it loud and proud! He wears many hats and keeps things moving on the job site. The solutions he has helped the team come up with to streamline things have impacted our efficiencies. And once in a while he laughs at my jokes so that’s nice.” – Rob Silver, Production Specialist Engineer

“Lance is one of the smartest people I’ve met, I think he reads a new tech manual every night before bed. Don’t let his age fool you! He is a total professional and really cares about putting on the best shows for our clients.” – Bandi Arp, Warehouse Associate & Truck Driver

“Lance has a brilliant tech mind. He knows things! Even things he doesn’t know…he knows! He enjoys music, movies and annoying Moody….always fun to work with and watch him problem solve.” – Bill Peifer, Operations Manager

“Lance knows many things. Everything from how to make a robotic camera out of a security camera and a cheap moving light to show tunes to anything audio related for shows. He’s a good guy to have on your show.” – Jesse Snyder, Lighting Designer

“When I think about Lance, these words come to mind for me:
L: likable & loyal
A: ambitious & appreciative
N: nice & neat
C: creative & confident
E: eager & easy going
There ya have it!” – Kim Klein, Office Manager

“He’s a genius.” – Mike Mennen, Sr. Production Manager

“Our resident know-it-all, Lance exudes confidence, which is backed up by knowledge. He came in to the company with a broad skill set and has applied it every day to make process improvements by managing projects, advising on technical issues and equipment investments inter-departmentally, and generally demanding an asymptotic ascent toward perfection. Lance is one of the most self-actualizing, driven people I’ve ever met. He sets a standard of excellence that positively influences those around him. I’m glad to have him on board.” – Aaron Wells, COO

“Lance brings value to everything he works on. He has expanded his knowledge in lighting and video greatly in recent years. He strives to integrate those systems into one plan for our clients that works together seamlessly and benefits everyone. He is always looking to improve the end product through efficiencies. He is dedicated to finding solutions to any complex issue that may arise. He is consistently looking for ways that we can get a return on our technology investments through system design and expansion of our core capabilities. Not a day goes by that he does not come in with new ideas and concepts. He is incredibly valuable to our company and his work ethic is amazing. Lance is an outstanding employee, and we are all thankful to have him as a core part of our team.” – Ron Rausch, CEO


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