Trade Show Exhibit Setup And Live Event Case Study: TIGI® Copyright Colour

Exhibiting at trade shows is a great way for your company to reach your target market, develop strong brand awareness and find new customers or clients. Trade shows help showcase your business and brand to a diverse, large audience and can help create a following for your products or services.

When exhibiting at a trade show, it’s important that you grab attendees’ attention. The more creative and engaging your trade show booth and exhibit set up is, the more excited your audience will be about your products or services. Let’s see how TIGI® used their trade show space to launch their new hair color product in Chicago.

Trade Show Production in Chicago

When TIGI® launched its new product line in April 2018, it was decided that exhibiting at a trade show would be a great way to get their product in front of thousands of potential customers. That’s when they asked our Wired Production Group crew to get involved. Their trade show booth was designed by Chicago-based Idea Circle Productions and our role was to bring in the staff and equipment to make the magic happen.

The trade show was in Chicago. Our event management team managed the contracted labor, including local stagehands, for the set build at McCormick Place. With our fleet of trucks, we brought in the audio equipment, truss, lighting rigs, and video gear for the custom-built LED video walls for the booth set up.

TIGI Trade Show Booth Setup with LED Walls

Live Event Production Travel Across the United States

After the Chicago trade show, our staff followed TIGI® executives as Copyright Colour began a tour across the US. Our travels with TIGI® have been filled with product demonstrations that help connect TIGI® with clients across the country. They launched their new products first in New York City, including a special launch at the TIGI® Academy in Soho. After New York, our trucks traveled across the United States where we visited California, Florida, Minnesota, and Texas for TIGI® Copyright Colour live events.

On the TIGI® Copyright Colour tour, our event production crew provided logistics management services, including transport of the client’s products and display pieces. Our design staff created CAD drawings for each of the shows. Our technical production support on-site included audio engineering, video production, lighting design, and stage builds. After each show, final video recordings were produced by our video editing staff for TIGI® internal and external marketing purposes.

Client Relationships Matter

Our staff has had a strong relationship with TIGI® for many years, and we have enjoyed each of the creative projects and special events that they have trusted us to produce. We would like to thank them for their kind words:

“We at TIGI HAIRCARE want to share our greatest appreciation for the entire team at Wired Production Group. Thanks to you, all of our tour events, launches, and corporate trainings were brought to life with your creativity and attention to detail. We’re very excited about our continued partnership in 2019.”

With more trade shows on the horizon across the United States, our crew is already working to design, build, and produce the most excellent trade show events for our clients. For more information on how Wired Production Group can assist with your upcoming trade show or live event productions, please contact our staff to begin your live event experience.

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