How To Use Video To Show Off Your College Or University

Over the years, colleges and universities have grown to understand that high-quality videos are critical to the success of their marketing efforts and that video can play an important role in their online marketing efforts. 

Videos are a great way to engage potential students as well as encourage alumni to support your school. According to statistics from, more than 85% of colleges and universities worldwide have an active YouTube channel. Without high-quality videos, your college or university will fall behind in marketing efforts and can struggle with engaging students, faculty and community supporters. This is where a professional video production company can help. 

What Do Video Production Professionals Do For Colleges And Universities?

A professional video production company can work with your school to determine your goals and your video messaging strategy. Do you want to raise awareness of a program at your school? Do you have a fundraiser you want to promote? Are you trying to increase alumni support? Would you like to increase enrollment in a particular academic program?

A quality video production team will have the experienced staff to help define and outline your video campaign goals, will be able to write a video script, and create storyboards that will relay the message you want to convey. Having a professional help you with these efforts will make your video look and sound professional — which is so important in the competitive college industry.

Our team is involved in all parts of the video production process — from start to finish. For the past 20+ years, our video professionals have worked side-by-side with colleges and universities all over the country to produce school-related videos that get results. 

Here’s how the video production process works: 

  • Strategize: We will work with you to create key points of interest in your video production. It’s important that we communicate effectively with you to identify the concept and develop your story. 
  • Storyboard: Our video professionals provide creative direction to engage your audience and target market. We develop content that appeals to the audience’s logic and emotion. 
  • Script: With over 30 years’ experience, we can provide content and copy-writing services. We’ll prepare complete scripting for your audience and presentation platforms.
  • Shoot: Our crew will travel wherever you need us to, and we’ll direct the action, shoot the video, and record the sound. Our professional video services include premium editing – offering the latest techniques and technology in which includes custom graphic and motion design, text, animation, and more. 
  • Sound: We offer full-service audio production, including voice, music, and sound effects. A variety of voiceover talents are available, and our facility even includes a whisperroom recording booth, if you’d like to record your own. 
  • Success: Your success is our success! It is our #1 goal to produce a final masterpiece that will get your school results. 

Video Production Case Studies for Colleges And Universities Across America


Client: University of Delaware / The Campaign for the University of Delaware

Video Marketing Campaign for the University of Delaware

About the Project: In addition to on-site event production services, our Wired Production Group team was approached by the University of Delaware to create an emotional piece to kick off their big fundraiser. They provided our video professionals with keywords and concepts included in the script — and we were off! 

Our role was to conceptualize, script, shoot, score, and edit the video project. We developed the idea of starting big with the championships and working our way backward to the childhood dreams and what may come. Our client loved the concept! After we created the script, we traveled to Delaware for one week of shooting. 

We worked with a composer on this project for a unique musical score. A short time later, we delivered the final piece — and the client was thrilled. 

Client: Winona State University / The Power of Experience Campaign for Winona State University

About the Project: For Winona State University, our video production team was tasked with highlighting three specific projects for fundraising. Facing a very tight deadline and with little time for filming, this project required the use of existing footage. It was necessary to write a flexible initial script because we were uncertain of the content, quality, and usability of the client-provided materials.

Once these elements were received, we dug in and forged a solid production, employing strategic manipulation of client photos and footage, supplemented by stock audio and video client from our extensive libraries. Our team’s adaptability resulted in a polished final piece with audience appeal that paid big dividends for the client.

Client: UC Davis / The “Big Ideas” Campaign for UC Davis Foundation

The “Big Ideas” Video Marketing Campaign for UC Davis Foundation

About the Project: Wired Production Group was contacted by UC Davis to develop an animated video to promote their “Big Ideas” campaign. We strategized with their creative team to determine the best approach to showcase this concept. We created a “flying through space” theme that was clean and classy. 

This unique theme for the video allowed for multiple smaller animations that could be tied together to highlight the client’s big-picture message. This complex project entailed many weeks of collaboration between our video professionals and a master animator, delivering our clients a finished production that achieved their messaging goals.

Are You Ready To Create A Video For YOUR School?

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