How To Use Video In Your Social Media Marketing

Video is one of the best ways to market and promote your business online — especially on social media. A great video can tell a story or share an emotional message. Videos can explain everything from your company culture to your new product or service. Videos can help you get more customers and get more people engaging with your brand. According to Brightcove, 53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a video on social media.

What Can A Professional Video Production Company Do For Your Social Media Marketing? 

When you’re developing videos for social media, high-quality content and video production is important. You have probably seen low-budget TV commercials and dorky videos on your social media feed before. You don’t want to be one of those companies! According to, 86% of businesses in 2022 use video as a marketing tool. lt’s proven that adding video to your marketing mix can be a huge benefit to your brand. 

To showcase your brand, a professional video production company is able to provide creative direction so your video is actually engaging. Here are some things a professional video production company can provide to help your social media videos stand out:

– Voiceovers and Music: To tell your story, you want a professional voiceover. Consider a voice that helps tell your story, like a college-age student talking about their campus visit or a mother sharing her experience in your children’s clothing store. Find the right music to match the mood of your brand story. Your audio should reflect what message you want to convey in the video. 

– Creative content: Content quality is just as important as production quality. The more engaging your content is, the more likely that your audience will buy into and share your message. Professional video can help speed up your sales cycle because prospects can see your product or service in action or can become emotionally connected to your message. 

– Professional equipment: There is always a time and place for a cell phone-created video and user-generated content, but don’t settle for low-quality that will reflect poorly on your brand image. Broadcast-quality gear, operated by highly-trained, experienced video production professionals is much more likely  to enhance your brand’s image in the public’s eye. 

– Relationships: Trusting a professional video production company allows you to take a step back and focus on your daily work. You can’t devote 40 hours a week just to developing content and putting in the behind the scenes efforts to make your videos. That’s what creative resources, like a video production company, are for. They want to invest in your brand and share your message for you, so you can focus on investing in your staff and your target clients. 

Professional video builds trust in your brand. It is proven to boost conversions and sales, thus showing great ROI. While hiring a video production company is not always the most inexpensive piece of your social media marketing efforts, it definitely pays off. 

Video Production Case Studies for Social Media Marketing Campaigns Nationwide

Client: TIGI Academy NYC

About the Project: Hair products company, TIGI, is a long-time client of Wired Production Group. The company hosts events across the country for hair professionals, including styling classes, product demonstrations, and more. One of their frequent guest presenters is Jen Planck, a  motivational speaker for the salon industry. We were asked to create promotional spots for Jen’s trademark “Impact Zones” presentations. 

Jen is a 5′ tall dynamo dressed in leather, with a braided mohawk who delivers an unapologetically loud, in-your-face, heart-pounding pep rally. Our task was to convey that style. Our video professionals combined fresh handheld coverage with testimonials and earlier event recordings, then added in some glitchy transitions to amp things up. The final delivery to TIGI was a one-minute widescreen spot and a 30-second square spot for social media. 

Client: Haverkamp Properties

About the Project: As they were planning for the 2021-2022 school year, Haverkamp Properties knew it was time to invest their creative energy into high quality video production for their social media and television marketing pieces. They had a clear vision of how they wanted to present their luxury rental units in the Midwest and what they wanted to portray in their messaging: they offer everything that students need to succeed at an affordable price point.

Our Creative Producer, Josh Busche, worked with the team at Haverkamp Properties to incorporate all of the features of their student living options into the videos, including their study lounge, clubhouse, and fitness center. In the end, our video team produced multiple video pieces for a few different Haverkamp Properties Student Living locations to be used in 2021 and beyond.

Client: Clark Orthodontics

About the Project: The staff at Clark Orthodontics approached our team of professionals with the idea that they wanted to give away free braces. We developed a marketing plan for this concept and created a video to spread their message by asking people to nominate someone that they found deserving of free braces. This social media marketing campaign was developed to coincide with “Pay It Forward Day” on April 28, 2018.

This video was posted directly on their Facebook page for proper insight tracking and was launched on February 1, 2018. Contest submissions were accepted through April 14. This gave us roughly two weeks to coordinate with the client — and time to surprise their winners. The follow-up video to close their social media marketing campaign highlighted the moment the winners found out they would be receiving a new smile — free of charge. This video was published just in time to celebrate “Pay It Forward Day.”

Partner With A Creative Video Production Agency

Our video production crew loves these kinds of creative projects! It’s an incredible feeling to be able to create and share amazing stories like these through video. If you are looking for some creative marketing direction, want to help boost your social media presence, and increase your click-through rates with video, contact our award-winning video production team today!