All You Need To Know About Projection Mapping At Your Events

What is projection mapping?

If you work in the event planning industry, you might have heard the term or actually seen projection mapping before, but you might not know exactly what it is. Projection mapping is a specialized video projection technique that is used to turn 3D objects — like balls, boxes, balloons — into engaging, interactive video displays at live concerts, events, and theater performances on stages, runways, buildings and more.

Projection Mapping On Inflatable Balls

Why do I want to use projection mapping?

 According to Social Media Today, you have 8 seconds to catch your audience’s attention — and then you have to keep it. It’s critical to make your first impression count. This is why projection mapping — also known as visual mapping or spatial augmented reality — has become so popular. Events of all types, all sizes, and at different locations are more memorable with vibrant graphics, stunning 3D experiences, and interactive displays that are incorporated as projection mapping features. 

Here’s a behind the scenes look at how a corporate meeting turned into an experience for employees at a theatre venue:

How do I use projection mapping at my event?

With the stunning visuals that projection mapping can offer you, you may think it’s just for large-scale, high-dollar events. It’s unique ability to engage both audio and visual senses can provide a very impressive ROI in terms of the publicity you will receive from the display, but you need to be realistic with your goals and your budget. Be sure to talk to your AV company before falling head over heels for your projection mapping display. There are different types of displays and scales of projection to meet your budget’s needs. An event professional can help develop your event design. 

Take a before and after look with our crew at a display we produced for UC Davis in 2018 as their video production was built to be projected onto a barn on their property:

The technology used to allow the projectors to display both still and video content is very specialized. Creating custom projection mapping displays is fun and challenging for creative producers and video production professionals. When you have a vision to change the side of their building into an entertaining stop for spectators along the street or you want to create a unique presentation to WOW your top clients at your trade show, you need the right people. Contact projection mapping professionals to decide what is the best creative direction for your concept.