Why Using a Professional Studio is Best for Videos and Virtual Events

Event planners are continuing to put on successful virtual and hybrid events. These types of events often get greater attendance, more engagement, since speakers don’t have to travel, they often get more prominent presenters and there are many more benefits.

Event technology is constantly changing and new virtual event software is coming out on the market all the time. And event professionals are always trying to find the perfect event management software to run their events. 

If you’re running a professional event, you know that using the basic iPhone camera setup no longer cuts it. These days attendees expect more tech-savvy experiences on screen, in-person and online. 

That’s why many event professionals partner with event production companies that provide professional studios and services so they have the right spaces and tools to create the most successful and professional looking virtual events. 

We are one of those event production companies! We offer dedicated studio space to our clients for them to use for their video projects and virtual events. 

Why Shoot Video in a Professional Studio Instead of On-Site? 

When it comes to video production, there are a lot of things to take into account. You need to make sure that the quality of your video is good so that people will actually want to watch it. This is why so many people choose to do their videos in a professional studio.

There are a few reasons why doing your videos in a professional studio can be such a good idea. First of all, the quality of the video will be much better than if you were to shoot it in your office or another location. This is because studios have high-end equipment that most people don’t have access to. In addition, the lighting and sound in studios are usually much better than what you would find in your average office.

Another reason is that production studios are created for one thing: to shoot professional photos and video! 

Here’s a list of reasons why you would want to produce your next video or event in a studio space like ours instead of doing it in your own office space or finding another location to do your videos or livestream event:

  • Renting a studio space for a specific time frame makes things easier to schedule.
  • Unlike shooting on-site, there are no special permits required.
  • There is no location scouting, so it saves you time.
  • You have access to a green room for your speakers to hang out at while shooting is in process.
  • Free Wi-fi!
  • You have easy access to restrooms.
  • You don’t have to load equipment in and out of trucks or cars.
  • You have much more control of the environment, including sound and lighting, than if you were shooting on another site.
  • No weather risk when shooting in a studio.
  • Studios are created to create perfect sound.

 Our video production team helping a client with their live streaming event

Studio Space for Video Production

Professional video production is a complex process with a lot going on behind the scenes. Producing any video in a studio space is a much more controlled process with fixed lighting, sound and a dedicated control room. 

In our studio space at Wired Production Group, our team of event and video production professionals will create the space that fits the needs of your video production goals. From rehearsals to green screens and custom backdrops to teleprompters and more, we give you what you need to create the video that gets your business results!

Our studio includes:

  • 240 square feet of space
  • Green screen options
  • Modular backdrop options, including LED designs
  • A variety of set furniture and decor for you to choose from that makes you video look extremely professional. These set items include things like sports desks, lounge chairs, high top tables and chairs, TVs and other decorations
  • Overhead door entrance on ground floor so you can get items in easily from your vehicle (if needed)
  • Kitchen space if you need it for your video
  • Working conference room space available
  • Sony Cinematic cameras
  • ENG production cameras
  • Robotic cameras
  • POV (point of view) cameras
  • LED lighting options
  • Multi-camera switchers
  • Uplink connections to National television programming
  • Custom built studio packs
  • Multiple internet connections

Professional studios like ours also provide a controlled environment for shooting your videos. This is important because it helps ensure that your videos will be free from distractions and interruptions. It also allows you to take your time while filming and make sure that everything looks perfect before you release your video to the world.

Our professional teleprompters make it easy for you to stay on topic

Video production is all about telling a story. Stories help make the best marketing videos because they help bring out emotions. Videos with powerful stories can help people understand complex information and feel confident in what you’re trying to explain. 

With video, you have the opportunity to showcase your story through voiceover, animation, interviews, and much more! 

Professional studios offer flexibility when it comes to shooting videos. For example, if you want to do an interview-style video, a professional studio is the perfect place for it. Interviews are a great way to tell stories!

If you’re trying to tell a story with video, it’s best to start telling your story through video in the best video production studio space in Eastern Iowa with our team of video production professionals.

Virtual Event Production In a Professional Video and Recording Studio

There are a lot of virtual event software tools to choose from. And you may have your favorite when it comes to livestreaming your events. Our team has the capabilities and experience to work with your virtual event platform of choice

On the production side of the event, a virtual event production should include a high-quality setup that allows your virtual audience to have the best experience possible. This should include a multi-camera switcher setup, graphics and video playback options, broadcast-quality audio, ISO and program recording options, professional studio lighting and a custom backdrop to fit your event’s aesthetic. 

We give you access to our professional videographers who know how to produce great-looking virtual events. Our videographers can help you plan out your video shoot, recommend equipment and software, and help you execute and make your virtual event look professional and flawless.

Our professional live event videographers will help you every step of the way with your live virtual event

Whether you’re bringing in speakers virtually from across the globe or you’ve got a team of presenters in-studio to present live, there are setup options available in a professional recording studio space like ours that will meet all your presenters’ needs. 

Sports desk setup with blue uplighting for virtual event recording at the Wired Production Group studio

Schedule Your Next Video or Virtual Event in Our Studio Space

Do you need help with your video production or virtual event? Contact our virtual event production team today to connect with one of our experienced team members. We can either serve as a consultant on your next video or event production, help you run your live, hybrid or virtual event – or any combination that works best for your company! We look forward to working with you.