Collage of photos of the event production by Wired Production Group captured at the Utah Status University campus field house

Hiring an event production company to help with your next event can give you the expertise you need to make your event come alive. By having production professionals working at your event, you can ensure that the staging, lighting, audio, video, visual elements, live streaming, and other aspects of your event run smoothly and efficiently. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons why hiring an event production team should be a top priority for your event planning process.

From expertise in lighting and staging to high-quality audiovisuals, these companies have the skills to help create unforgettable experiences for your event attendees.

Also, since virtual event production is becoming increasingly important to almost every event, event production companies typically offer live streaming platform options that are tailored specifically for your event and audience. They will provide you with the technical support needed for live broadcast events — which is crucial for making your live stream event go off without a hitch.

Additionally, they can often give you access to vendors that can help streamline the coordination between multiple service providers and can generally help you get preferred rates because of already-established relationships with vendors.

These production experts can also assist with venue selection and other event management strategies.

Let’s learn more about why it’s a good idea to hire an event production company…

Expertise in Lighting and Staging

Hiring an event production company means your event benefits from the production team’s knowledge and experience in creating stunning lighting designs. These professionals understand the importance of setting the right atmosphere for your event. They can tailor a customized lighting design to fit your event’s theme and mood. They can also manage your staging needs, which ensures that you have a professional setup for your event.

  • Customized lighting design: A well-designed lighting plan not only enhances the visual appeal of your event but also helps create a lasting impression on attendees. Event production companies have the latest lighting technology and software allowing them to generate lighting designs that can effectively communicate your brand identity, messaging, or event’s mood or theme.
  • Professional staging solutions for various event types: Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a concert, proper staging is crucial for delivering a professional experience. An experienced event production company will consider factors like venue size, speaker or performer needs, and technical requirements before recommending appropriate staging options — including stage layout, backdrop design, rigging systems, etc.
Event space with seated guests at round tables and soft uplighting with gobo lighting displays on the ceiling and across large tree structure hanging from the ceiling

Expertise in lighting and staging will create an unforgettable atmosphere for your event. With the right lighting and staging, an event production company can create a memorable experience for your guests. 

High-Quality Audiovisuals

One of the main reasons to hire an event production company is their ability to provide high-quality audiovisual experiences at your event. With their experience and cutting-edge equipment, event production companies can create engaging visuals and superior sound quality to ensure your message is communicated effectively. This level of quality enhances the overall atmosphere and ensures clear communication of your event’s message.

The AVIXA (Audiovisual Integrated Experience Association) says that these professionals are experienced at combining audiovisual technology into every aspect of an event. This ensures clear communication between presenters or performers onstage with those attending either the live event or virtually via live streaming.

Advanced Audio Systems for Optimal Sound Quality

The importance of good sound quality cannot be overstated when it comes to events. No matter what type of event you’re putting on – whether it’s a seminar, tradeshow, or corporate gathering — having exceptional audio is key to keeping your audience’s attention. Event production companies use advanced audio systems tailored specifically for each type of event.

From wireless microphones for speakers at corporate events to powerful PA systems designed for live music performances, a production company has the right equipment to use. By leveraging their knowledge in acoustics and sound engineering, they can optimize speaker placement and volume levels based on venue size and layout.

Visual Effects That Engage Audiences

In addition to amazing audio solutions, event production companies are experts at creating visually stunning presentations that leave lasting impressions on attendees. From dynamic stage lighting designs that reinforce branding or set specific moods during different segments of your event to eye-catching video projections showcasing promotional content — these professionals have all aspects covered when it comes to ensuring unforgettable experiences through engaging visual effects. Some examples include:

  • LED video walls displaying graphics or videos
  • Projection mapping that transforms ordinary surfaces into immersive visual displays
  • Customized stage backdrops and set designs that enhance the event’s theme
Projection Mapping display on 184' wide wall surface with guests seated at tables in front of stage

High-quality audiovisuals are essential to creating an engaging event experience for your attendees. The right production company can provide you with advanced audio systems and stunning visual effects.

Partnering with an event production company for your audiovisual needs ensures a professional and polished presentation that will captivate your audience. With expertise in lighting, staging, sound engineering, and visuals, you can rest easy knowing every detail will be carefully planned out to create a memorable experience for your attendees.

Virtual Event Production Capabilities

In the modern event landscape, event planners must be prepared to put on virtual or hybrid events that attract viewers. This is where an event production company comes into play, offering the expertise and technical know-how necessary for live streaming your event.

A successful virtual event requires a live streaming platform that provides the necessary technology and features for your virtual attendees. First, event production companies shine at selecting the right platform for your event. They consider factors like user experience, accessibility, and interactivity when helping you decide which live streaming platform will be best for your event. (So it’s best to leave these types of technical details to the true professionals!)

Technical Support for Live Streaming Events

Next, the success of any virtual event hinges on seamless audiovisual delivery. An event production company that has the latest technology and experienced A/V technicians can give you a flawless delivery of audiovisual content — from setup to execution. Whether it’s troubleshooting connectivity issues or managing multiple video feeds at once, they can help make sure that everything runs smoothly so you and your team can focus on delivering your message.

Screenshot of live stream from annual meeting where two individuals are speaking on screen and online guests are chatting in the sidebar

Ultimately, the virtual event production capabilities of a professional company can elevate your online event to new heights. By using their expertise, you’re ensuring an engaging and memorable experience for all attendees — making it well worth the investment.

Vendor Access

Hiring an event production company often comes with the added advantage of getting access to a network of vendors and suppliers. These established relationships streamline coordination efforts and potentially save you money on services or products you may need for your event.

Streamlined Coordination Between Multiple Service Providers

The success of any event depends on seamless communication between different parties involved in the planning and execution. An event production company can also act as a central point of contact for all vendors to ensure smooth collaboration throughout the event planning and execution process. This minimizes misunderstandings and delays while allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your event. This is just an extra bonus!

So Many Reasons!

Hiring an event production company can provide a range of benefits for your event planning needs. From expertise in lighting and staging to high-quality audiovisuals, virtual event production capabilities, access to vendors, comprehensive event management and more, these companies offer the necessary resources and experience to create memorable experiences that engage your attendees.

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